PSupt. Basilio inspires IFSU Alumni

In one of the most attended Alumni Homecoming in recent years, Police Superintendent Levi Hope B. Basilio, Chief of Police, San Fernando, Pampanga, addressed the 2018 Alumni Homecoming hosted by Batch 1993.  

PSupt Basilio, High School Batch of 1990 spoke on the need for the alumni on their continuing commitment and role for the University.  

In his speech, PSupt. Basilio gave meaning for the word ‘ALUMNI’. For him, A is to Assume responsibility. He reminded all alumnus on the great role for their families, communities and to the country as a whole. L is being a Leader. PSupt. Basilio asked the every alumnus to lead worthwhile activities for the good of the community.  

U is to Understand that as an alumni, one should learn to give back to the school which molded you to what you are today. M is to be a Model of an educated man. He challenged the alumni to be a source of inspiration for the youngsters. N is for Nurture. He emphasized to nurture what you learned and continue to learn. He added that as an alumni, to become as a positive influence to people. And finally, I is to get Involve in the activities of the University in whatever capacity.  

“Let the teachings imparted to us by our alma mater radiate in a manner that they see IFSU in us as pillars of our society. Let us unite and help make a difference in the lives of our fellow Ifugaos,” concluded by PSupt Basilio.

Meanwhile, University President Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon, who is also an alumni of High School Batch 1994 gave an inspirational message before the Alumni.

Mrs. Marietta L. Inhumang was declared the oldest alumna attendee from High School batch 1991 while the batch with the highest attendees was Batch 1992 with 22  alumni.  

Despite the bad weather, the IFSU Alumni proceeded on with the motorcade from IFSU Main going to Lamut town then back to the University for the opening program.  

The alumni had their parlor games inside the gymnasium and talents of the alumni were showcased through different presentations. 

Election of IFSUAA Officers

The Alumni also maximized the gathering for the election of new of IFSUAA officers who will take the lead for two years. The following are the new IFSUAA officers:

President:  Riezelle Aguinaya I. Echanova

Vice President:  Harry L. Robles

Secretary:  Marah Joy A.     Nanglegan

Treasurer:  Gemma Dumya-as

Auditor:  Haydee P. Festiken

PIO:   Evelyn Ballatong

Business Managers: Sofi a T. Pagaddut  

                                 Janice H. Attolba

Sergeant at Arms:   Reynaldo Buhong  

                                Nena V. Dulnuan  

IFSUAA Main Campus President Echanova will represent the Alumni at the IFSU Board of Regents.

Raffle Draw

In the afternoon was the most awaiting part of the program because of the raffle tickets.  

Below are the lucky winners who got major prizes for their 20-peso worth of tickets. 

Major Prizes:

Grand Prize: Rebba Inchumo B. Kilip

First Prize: John B. Yogyog

Second Prize: Valentina O. Pasion

Consolation Prize: (25kg Rice)

Winners (10)

1. Edna R. Lasticimo

2. Rydle L. Pascual

3. Jericho Patrick S. Torres

4. Reinzi L. Inhumang

5. Xavier Tucpi

6. Mila Apiit

7. Rona Piduana

8. Nelia Rose T. Buyayawe

9. Mario Dulawan

10. Stewart B. Buhong

The proceeds of the raffle tickets will be used to purchase needed furnitures and equipment inside the Alumni Center located adjacent to the pathway going to IFSU CCJE Building in Pacco, in front of the IFSU piggery.

High school Batch 1994 will host the 2019 Alumni Homecoming as they celebrate their silver jubilee next year.  

Emilia Ordillo, outgoing President of IFSUAA presented the financial report before the Alumni. She also prepared a power point presentation of throwback photos of the 2017 Alumni Homecoming.//by:Florida Robles