What is Gender and Development (GAD)

Gender and Development

Gender and Development refers to the development perspective and process that are participatory and empowering, equitable, sustainable, free from violence, respectful of human rights, supportive of self-determination and actualization of human potential. It seeks to achieve gender equality as a fundamental value that should be reflected in development choices: seeks to transform society’s social, economic, and political structures and questions the validity of the gender roles ascribed to women and men; contends that women are active agents of development and not just passive recipients of development assistance; and stresses the need of women to organize themselves and participate in political processes to strengthen their legal rights. (Magna Carta of Women or MCW)

Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives

Gender and Development Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives


IFSU: A globally-recognized University upholding excellence amidst rich cultural heritage.


To make IFSU a fully gender sensitive and responsive higher education institution.


Goal 1 – Gender-Responsive Curricular Programs


  1. To capacitate faculty members with required GAD trainings/seminars, conferences and meetings;
  2. To provide or develop adequate gender-fair learning materials for students.

Goal 2 – Gender-Responsive Research Program


  1. To conduct GAD researches and strengthen integration of gender perspective in research programs considering priority areas per CMO 2015-0
  2. To share GAD research results through presentation, publication and extension.
  3. To integrate GAD in the institutional research agenda considering the following
    1. Priority research access as defined in the NHEDA & respective CHED Memorandum Orders of the disciplinal programs;
    2. Institutionalization of GAD database with sex-disaggregated data & gender statistics in all research activities, as necessary;
    3. GAD Policy & Program assessment & evaluation;
    4. Establishment of an Ethics Board that will review gender sensitivity in research activities;
    5. GAD guidelines on ethical standards in research in accordance with the CEDAW & MCW; and
    6. Incentives & other support structures for the conduct of researches related to GAD.

Goal 3 - Gender-Responsive Extension Program


  1. To ensure social protection through policies & programs for all men & women;
  2. To utilize appropriate technologies (i.e. skills & materials) that address gender issues and concerns.

Goal 4 - Efficient Mechanisms & Administrative Systems for GAD


  1. To empower the GFPS for an improved Gender Mainstreaming in the University and implementation of all gender-related national and international laws;
  2. To strengthen the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI)

Our Amazing Team

Gender and Development Team.

Joyce A. Bodah, PhD

University Director/Chairperson, GADRRC/ GFPS Technical Working Group (TWG)

Jesa B. Alexander

GAD Staff

Ms. Karen Peniular

GAD Chairperson Aquinaldo Campus

Ms. Lhea Ildefonso

GAD Chairperson Potia Campus

Dr. Leticia Guinsiman

GAD Chairperson Tinoc Campus

Dr. Janaliza Bantiyan

GAD Chairperson Lagawe Campus

Marivic Nakake

GAD Chairperson Hapao Campus

Policy Guidelines

Gender and Development Policy Guidelines

Contact Us

Gender and Development Contacts

GADRRC Email Address

[email protected]

GADRRC/ GFPS Executive Committee (EXECOM)

  • Chairperson: University President
  • Vice Chairperson: University Director, Gender & Development Research & Resource Center
  • Members:
    • VP for RDET
    • VP for Academic Affairs
    • VP for Administration
    • VP for Planning, Finance & Resource Generation
    • University Director, Department of Research & Development
    • University Director, Department of Extension & Training
    • University Director, Department of Planning & Info Management
    • University Director, Department of Administrative Services
    • University Director, Department of Finance Services
    • Budget Officer
    • Secretary: University and Board Secretary
    • Campus Administrators (5)

Technical Working Group:

  • Chairperson: Director, Gender and Development Research and Resource Center
  • Members:
    • GAD Chairperson, Hapao Campus
    • GAD Chairperson, Aguinaldo Campus
    • GAD Chairperson, Potia Campus
    • GAD Chairperson, Tinoc Campus
    • GAD Chairperson, Lagawe Campus