Congratulations! Our collective courtesy knee bow to IFSU’s Indigenous Dance champions for their spectacular performances, showcasing the beauty and richness of our culture through movement and expression!

Your victory sets a high standard for the rest of the competition and inspires others to strive for excellence. May this be just the beginning of a string of successes, leading to more golds!

Thank you to the following student performers:

Ab-abulon, Ric Bryan

Ballitoc, Criziah Mae

Bullan, Karylle Claire

Culop, Winnie Kate

Estacio, Jhon Henry

Erese, Jhona

Langachon, Josefa

Nasdoman, Esmael

Kino-ol, Kinhart

Tuguinay, Peter

Also, kudos to coaches Client William Malinao and Dino Reyes.