IFSU features products of incubatees in 2nd Nat'l AGRI-AQUA Incubatee Summit

Ifugao State University (IFSU) through the Promoting Agri-Based Technologies Yielding Towards Organizational Growth and High Economic Impact (PAYOH)- Technology Business Incubator showcased products of three assisted incubatees in the 2nd National AGRI-AQUA Incubatee Summit at Baguio City on April 22-25, 2023.

With its theme, “Creating and Growing Agri-Aqua Startups Towards a Vibrant Economy,” this served as an avenue for incubatee/s’ technologies and products to be featured through an exhibit and trade fair and to promote collaboration and networking among incubatees/acceleratees.

Ifugao Midland Coffee by Milagros Dulnuan, Jan Rhiest’s Cacao-based products by Lorena Tucpi, and Ifugao Highland Coffee by Ferdinand Dulnuan were among the products featured.

The event was participated by the different State Universities and Colleges ( SUCs) in the Philippines hosted by Benguet State University- Agribased Technology Business Incubation/ Innovation Center (BSU-ATBI/IC).