Kudos to the New Licensed Agriculturists of IFSU-Lamut!

The College of Agriculture and Home Science of IFSU Lamut Campus produced 12 licensed agriculturists from the 2021 Agriculture Licensure Examination (ALE). The campus registered 30% Institutional Passing Rate surpassing the National Passing Rate of 29.84%.

Our new licensed agriculturists are the ff:

1. Ambojnon, Jasper Dulnuan

2. Baddungon, Jonna Lene Guinanghan

3. Buligon, Kenneth Joy Ballitoc

4. Camhit, Genevieve Balachawi

5. Doplah, Raymond Sebastian

6. Dulnuan, Crishelyne Lumigat

7. Duyapat, Lily Melody Cumahling

8. Lay-o, Shalimar Dulnuan

9. Lunag, Revelyn Bunoy

10. Mahiwo, Claire Dawi

11. Tundagui, Jensen Gahid

12. Velez, Joseph Paul Marquez

#SoarHigh, our dear agriculturists! Your alma mater wishes you well.