IFSU Library organizes heritage storytelling to Hungduan kids

In its efforts to contribute to the preservation of Ifugao folktales as intangible cultural heritage, the Ifugao State University (IFSU) Library started its heritage storytelling program and adopted Baang Elementary School, Hungduan, Ifugao for the program.

IFSU Library recognizes the need to reintroduce local folktales as an alternative to the mainstream and popular stories found in textbooks and other instructional materials. IFSU Library strongly believes that local stories contain rich narratives and accounts of communities in terms of their history, beliefs, and traditions.

“Storytelling is a powerful form to introduce school children on stories that matter to them. Indigenous stories are rich in content. Passed on through generations, these stories serve as bridges to connect the past and the present. As the only higher educational institution in the province, we started this outreach program to reinvigorate local stories,” said Dr. Liza M. Tamargo, IFSU Director for Library Services.

Dr. Tamargo added that, “In the long run, we plan to try introduce the Ifugao epic, Alim and Hudhud, to our school children. For now, we started with Ifugao legends and myths.”

The storytelling outreach program is also a way to celebrate indigenous languages. “With stories told in local languages, children can have more vivid and active imagination of how their ancestors lived in the past,” continued by Dr. Tamargo.

The program is also a recognition to the municipality of Hungduan as one of the four municipalities of Ifugao declared as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) site and World Heritage Site declared by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), and United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The program is primarily spearheaded by the IFSU Library in partnership with the IFSU Hapao Campus in Hungduan, and the Research and Development for Ifugao Rice Terraces as GIAHS with the support of private and philanthropic organizations and individuals.

Aside from storytelling activities, IFSU Library also sponsored the school feeding program and donated a 32-inch television, and books for educational purposes. //Judy C. Baggo

For reference:
Liza M. Tamargo, PhD
Director for IFSU Library Services