IFSU Psychology Program receivess positive feedback following Regulatory Board Inspection

In a significant development for Ifugao State University (IFSU), the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology conducted an inspection and monitoring of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at the Lamut Campus. The visit, led by Hon. Hector M. Perez and Ms. Zarah Mae I. Common, aimed to ensure the program's compliance with regulations and standards, emphasizing the commitment to delivering high-quality psychology education.

The inspection, held on December 4, 2023, at the IFSU DQuA Conference Room, Lamut Campus, involved a thorough validation of the College of Arts and Sciences facilities, programs, systems, and processes.

Mr. Nathaniel F. Dimog, the Campus Executive Director, extended a warm welcome in his opening remarks, reaffirming the institution's support for the regulatory visit.

Dr. Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon, represented by Dr. Mary P. Caclini, Vice President for Academic Affairs, conveyed the university's enthusiasm for excellence. Dr. Codamon-Dugyon highlighted IFSU's commitment to international quality standards in administrative services, instruction, research, extension, and resource generation—a commitment integral to the pursuit of delivering top-notch education.

Hon. Hector M. Perez, during his address, outlined the objectives of the site visit, underlining the importance of adhering to set standards for the enhancement of the Psychology program.

A video presentation showcasing IFSU's facilities followed the introductory sessions. The monitoring and inspection phase delved into the Psychological and Science laboratories, various processes associated with the program, as well as the Guidance Office and the University Library for books and journals.

Faculty profiles and qualifications, curriculum details, psychological tests, licensure examination performance, and mechanisms for improving licensure exam results were addressed in the afternoon.

The concluding segment involved the presentation of findings and recommendations by the Inspection and Monitoring Team.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Donato O. Abaya, the College Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, expressed gratitude to the monitoring team. Dr. Abaya assured that the institution would earnestly consider and implement the findings and recommendations to enhance the delivery of services, contributing to the continuous improvement of IFSU's Psychology program.

“The positive feedback received from the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology reaffirms IFSU's dedication to providing quality education and highlights the institution's ongoing efforts to meet and exceed industry standards and further improve the program's overall efficiency,” said Dr. Abaya.