Alumni Affairs Services

  1.  Alumni Tracking
    • Destination after graduation
    • Employment 
  2. Alumni Social Networking
    • "Alumni Meet and Greet"
  3. Alumni Testimonial
    • To showcase alumni professional journey to serve as an inspiration to IFSUans
    • Tribute to New Board Passers
  4. Alumni Awards
    • Multi-Generation Alumni Family Award (3 successive generations/Loyalty of the Family of graduates)
    • Naming Rights Policy
  5. Alumni Chapter
    • Alumni within a province/region
  6. Alumni Olympics
    • Sports competition among Alumni
  7. Alumni Community and Extension Services
    • HAGGIYO - related services
  8. Success Stories of Alumni
  9. Institution Partners Appreciation Day
    • To recognize the support of various institutions for employing Alumni of IFSU
  10. Reunions and Homecomings