IFSU Quality Policy

IFSU shall commit to international quality standards and continuous improvement on effective quality management systems in delivering excellent administrative services, instruction, research, extension and training services, and resource generation towards client’s satisfaction.


IFSU strongly adheres to its vision-mission through the achievement of the following:

     a. 100% of clients rated the services as satisfactory or higher

     b. 80% budget utilization rate for obligation

     c. 80% budget utilization rate for disbursement

     d. 30% implementation of compliance to previous years’ audit findings

     e. 50% of the value of goods and services (based on NEP) was subjected to early procurement

     f. 300 hours of relevant international trainings and seminars attended by the faculty and staff

     g. 1500 hours of relevant national/regional trainings and seminars attended by faculty and staff

     h. 65% of existing facilities were refurbished/upgraded

     i. 5% of the funds are used for Gender and Development (GAD) attributed Programs, Projects, and Activities (PPAs)

     j. On deadline submission of various documents/reports to various agencies/offices