Students' Talent Co-Creation Lab (TCCL)


A result of the project:

Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education

Ref. no. 586227-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-EPP


The Lab’s objective is to build bridges between our university and the labor market and to contribute to improved employability of graduates. The activities carried out in the Lab shall bring shared benefits to both the university – which enlists the support of stakeholders to develop relevant employability skills among students – and business – which can benefit from open research and innovation, get early access to a pool of potential qualified graduates, and shape students’ talent in a way that would make graduates suitable for employment.


To foster expert/ practitioner and interested students’ collaboration to harness and develop students’ ideas on what innovations or business start-ups, careers and professions are they going to pursue after graduation.


The Talent Co-Creation Lab will coexist as physical and online space where experts/practitioners are invited to guide/scaffold and support the students to develop and pursue their ideas of Innovation, Business Start-up and Career Direction. Specifically, the lab will harness the students’ creative ability to come up with innovative ideas or solutions; encourage students to venture in business and develop their entrepreneurial mindset and skills; and enable the students to discover their professional potential and have a clear vision of what will they pursue after graduation through the collective experiences and wisdom of their mentors. By working with experts/practitioners, they can be able to clarify their ideas/ concepts and prepare to pursue those after graduation. As a result, Agriculturists must become Agri-preneurs not mere employees, Computer/ Information Technologists must become Techno-preneurs and HRM graduates must become HRM operators and businessmen.

Call for Participation and Collaboration!

ICDC invites interested students to use the Talent Co-Creation Lab space, facilities and the OpenResearch E-Lab to collaborate with volunteer successful entrepreneurs and faculty members and together craft a viable business start-up plan that they can implement while still studying or immediately after graduation!

ICDC also call on any interested entrepreneur, HTE and volunteering partners to join the  center’s programs and activities and help prepare the would be graduates for employment after graduation— a noble corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavor.

For interested students and partners, please visit or contact the IFSU Career Development Center @ ICDC, IFSU Potia Campus, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao or ICDC Satellite Offices in various IFSU Campuses. Mobile Number:  0999.4384619, Email: [email protected]; Facebook Page: ifsucareerdevelopmentcenter; Contact: Ryan Tejada