Student-Community Volunteering Service (SCVS)


A result of the project:

Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education


Student-Community Volunteering Service create opportunities for student to do volunteering and non-profit works. Such activities facilitate the development of a variety of transversal employability skills as well as professional skills for the social service, social responsibility and sustainable development.


To link students/ student organizations with support organizations (for funding) and community or NGOs in need of volunteers for them to develop self-confidence and experience realities of life that will help them refocus their careers.


The Student-Community Volunteering Service (SCVS), being one component that makes up the IFSU Career Development Center (ICDC), is structured to encourage volunteerism among the students and provide opportunities where they can learn and grow into well-rounded individuals. It will become a training ground for the students for honing life skills as they get immersed in activities that are outside of their comfort zones. The active involvement of the IFSU community and relevant stakeholders in community service and development initiatives will lead to achieving common goals for sustainable development, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. The idea is to connect students and student organizations to local communities in order to address a specific need with the help of non-profit organizations (e.g. social service agencies, non-profit groups, and church or other religious groups) and local officials. The activity will help the students develop and enhance their leadership qualities, self-confidence, communication skills and responsibilities towards the community. The ICDC will work closely with the Campus’ Office of Student Service and Development for better synergy. Interested students/ student organizations are encouraged to contact the ICDC.

Call for Participation and Collaboration!

ICDC invites interested students who wish to go for personality enhancing community volunteering experience through the various opportunities listed herein. Anyone going through these are guaranteed better chances of having gainful employment immediately after graduation!

ICDC also call on any interested entrepreneur, HTE and volunteering partners to join the  center’s programs and activities and help prepare the would be graduates for employment after graduation— a noble corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavor.

For interested students and partners, please visit or contact the IFSU Career Development Center @ ICDC, IFSU Potia Campus, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao or ICDC Satellite Offices in various IFSU Campuses. Mobile Number:  0999.4384619, Email: [email protected]; Facebook Page: ifsucareerdevelopmentcenter; Contact: Ryan Tejada