Guidance & Counseling


To develop well-integrated individuals in understanding oneself, adjusting to situations and eventualities, planning, making decisions and becoming effective members of the society.


It aims to effectively discharge its functions through proper implementation of the different services it provides and to continually work for the improvement of the program and the services being rendered to its clienteles.

                                                                       GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING SERVICES

     Guidance Services and Objectives


1.Individual Inventory Service

***To gather relevant information about the students in order to determine their needs and as a basis to design appropriate intervention activities to address their existing needs and concerns.

-Filling up of Personal Data Sheet (yearly)

-Psychological Testing

-Intake Interview


2. Information & Orientation Service

***To enhance the awareness of students on personal, social development, academic, and work-related issues.

-Conduct of general orientation

-Conduct of special orientations

-Conduct of relevant seminars, training, and other IEC activities

-Posting of relevant information

-Distribution of flyers containing relevant and healthy information

3.Testing Service

***To assist students to become more aware of their potentials, interest, values, attitudes and intellectual capabilities.

-Psychological test administration, scoring and interpretation of results as appropriate to the need of the client

4.Counseling Service

***To assist students to understand themselves better, make their own decisions and cope up with their concerns.

-Providing consultation and counseling services to students who need the service

5.Career Development and Placement Service

***To enable students to be aware of opportunities relative to their career and vocational interests and goals.

-Conduct of career and occupational seminars and job fairs in coordination to DOLE and other agencies

-Conduct of career counseling to students who need the service

-Establishment of linkages to related agencies for placement purposes

6. Follow up Services

***To follow-up and monitor the academic formation of presently enrolled students and school leavers along with their satisfaction with the different student services.

-Structured Exit Interview

-Monitoring of students through referrals and feedbacks from instructors and significant others

7.Referral Services

***To refer students with cases beyond the expertise of the center to appropriate specialist/helping agencies and to accept referrals for guidance services from instructors and significant others.

-Establishment of linkages with helping agencies like mental health offices, DSWD, etc. for referral purposes

-Attending to  referral slips received from instructors and significant others

8. Faculty Evaluation by Students

*** To monitor and evaluate the performance of faculty members through the Qualitative Contribution Evaluation (QCE) instrument duly-accomplished by their respective students.

-Conduct of Faculty Evaluation by Students once every semester


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