Webinar on Digital Marketing Tools: An ISMTP Training Series on Digital Commerce for Conservation Entrepreneurship

The Ifugao Satoyama Meister Training Program Advance Course focuses on conservation entrepreneurship to train the alumni to become responsible entrepreneurs by utilizing Ifugao resources conscientiously while consciously conserving them. To adapt to the trend of modern business strategies such as digital marketing, e-commerce is an essential skill one must learn. These trainings utilize a strategic learning system to ensure the transfer of skills and knowledge that will include online and face-to-face lectures and workshops, field exposure, and actual skills training activities. The training will be conducted in separate schedules of different participants among the ISMTP regular trainees and the ISMTP Advance Course pilot batch.

General Objective:

The activities aim to capacitate further ISMTP alumni and the trainees on sustainable use of Ifugao biodiversity resources for/and conservation entrepreneurship.

Specific Objectives:

  1. introduce the fundamentals and concepts of Ifugao ecology;
  2. identify challenges confronting the sustainable use of Ifugao biodiversity for conservation; and
  3. instill the concept and use of e-commerce for conservation entrepreneurship.

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