ISMTP Webinar on Enterprising with Nature: Developing Heritage Products

Goal 2 of the university is strong research and leadership and culture aims to intensify conservation of the rich cultural heritage of Ifugao while Goal 3 that is a sustainable extension and community engagement aims to package and transfer knowledge and technologies relevant to the needs of the clientele and to establish/strengthen/sustain linkages with LGUs, industries and other organizations.

Research and extension systems play a crucial role in agricultural and rural development. Moreover, they are the center to realizing the potential of agricultural innovation (FAO, 2019). Meanwhile, community organizing is one of the strategies adopted in any community development project that requires the full participation of the community (Dizon, 2012). It is a process of unfolding the potentialities of persons to the level where they can exercise the faculties that enable them to create, act and manage resources to live a decent life (Dela Costa-Ymson, 1993).

The fusion of these two principles will develop the capacity of the local communities to be forefront in the campaign to conserve the Ifugao Rice Terraces and their landscapes. One of the most beneficial applications of extension and training is enterprising with nature.

There is a need to develop human resources to address these through extension and training; enterprising with nature; and community organizing of GIAHS site stakeholders, hence, this training.

General Objective:

The training intends to capacitate stakeholders of the GIAHS sites to become community leaders and partners of Ifugao State University in the field of heritage conservation, extension, and community development.

Specific Objective:

Particularly, the training aims to:

1. equip participants in the conduct of researches translating it to extension activities/projects;

2. reinforce capabilities of participants on community leadership; and

3. develop a meaningful understanding of IRT conservation applying the principles of research and extension and community development through extension activities and enterprising with nature.

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