Tertiary Education Assistance Program (TEAP)


Ordinance 2004-7 also known as Tertiary Education Assistance Program Ordinance is a financial assistance program enacted in November 8, 2004 and established by the Provincial Government of Ifugao for poor but deserving secondary graduates of Ifugao to pursue their tertiary education and patronize the public tertiary school in the province.

It was implemented in 2005 and sustained to the present times with a Program Committee that oversees its implementation.

Each barangay is entitled to one (1) slot every school year provided that the applicant is qualified for the program. The Programs shall accept additional one (1) grantee per barangay per year.

 Financial benefits

            Every student grantee will be financially assisted with the amount of Three Thousand Pesos (PhP3, 000.00) per semester to cover tuition fee and other miscellaneous fees.

The financial assistance shall be paid directly by the Provincial Government to the tertiary or technical vocational school where the student grantee is enrolled.

Should the total tuition exceed the amount of Php3, 000.00, the student grantee shall pay the balance. Should it be less, the excess amount will be given to the student grantee as allowance.

Implementation Guidelines

  1. The applicant shall submit the application form and other documentary requirements to the Secretariat (Provincial Human Resource Management Office/PHRMO) on or before the 2nd Thursday of April;
  2. Secretariat screens the application based on the criteria and documentary requirements provided for in the Ordinance and shall furnish the concerned Barangay Council the list of qualified applicant/s on or before the 1st Monday of May;
  3. The Barangay Council shall inform the qualified applicants in their Barangay and schedule the selection by “draw-lot method” to be done in public on or before the 2nd Monday of May;
  4. The Barangay Council shall submit the result of the selection by “draw-lot method” through a Resolution to the Secretariat on or before the 3rd Monday of May;
  5. Before Enrollment, the qualified applicant shall coordinate with the Secretariat for the issuance of the following documents:

–       Certificate of Acknowledgment as a Grantee of the Program;
–       Memorandum of Agreement between the Provincial Government and the tertiary school

6. All grantees shall submit to the Secretariat certified photocopy of enrollment/registration form immediately after enrollment and his/her grades class cards immediately after the end of every semester

Selection criteria

  1. Total gross annual income of the family of applicant shall not exceed Seventy Five Thousand Pesos (Php75,000.00);
  2. Applicant is not a recipient of any Scholarship program or financial assistance program of the Provincial Government;
  3. Applicant should be a permanent resident of the Province of Ifugao;
  4. A graduate of a secondary school in the Province of Ifugao;
  5. Must have a general average of at least 80% upon graduation in High School;
  6. Applicant is willing to enroll in tertiary courses being offered and available in the public tertiary schools within the province provided course does not exceed 4 years.

Documentary requirements

  1. Duly accomplished application form, stating among others, the willingness to enroll in public tertiary schools in the province on a course not to exceed four (4) years;
  2. Certified photocopy of Birth Certificate;
  3. Certified photocopy of Form 138-A;
  4. Income Tax Return of parents or guardians preceding the year of application;
  5. Certificate of Residency issued by the Barangay Chairman;
  6. Certificate of Good Moral Character from Barangay Chairman.

 Grounds for Termination

            The following are the grounds for termination from the financial assistance program:

  1. Completion of the degree/course;
  2. Dropping from school or dropping of subject/s without justifiable reason/s;
  3. Failure in any subject;
  4. Shifting of course;
  5. Refusal or failure to enroll the full or maximum required subjects for the semester;
  6. Failure to submit documentary requirements every semester as required by the program;
  7. Conviction of unlawful and immoral acts;
  8. Marriage (under study by the committee).