Socio-Cultural Scholarship


The Socio-Cultural Scholarship gives due recognition to students who excel in socio-cultural performances by endowing them with financial support.

 Financial Support

 Students who excel in socio-cultural events stated below are recipients of corresponding tuition fee discounts:

 a) PASUC Cultural Olympics

National Level: 100% Full Tuition Fee discount.

b) Philippine Sports Commission Program/Philippine Olympic Festival National Games/NSA Sponsored Cultural Competition

               National Games – 100% Full Tuition

c) PSC/POF/NSA Regional Qualifying Games

a) Gold – 100% Tuition Fee discount
b) Silver Medalist – 75% Tuition Fee discount
c) Bronze Medalist – 50% Tuition Fee discount

 The IFSU Performing Arts to include other socio-cultural affairs stated below shall avail of Half Tuition fee discount:

– Musical Band/Choral group-singers
– Theater Guild
– ISCU Dance Troupe (Cultural Dance Troupe and other accredited dance troupes).

Note: The list of scholars under the aforementioned category D shall be determined by the Section Head of the Socio-cultural Section.

 Incentives shall also be given to Mr. and Miss IFSU depending on the level of competition. Fiduciary funds collected from said organizations shall be used to finance the aforementioned scholarships subject to availability of actual cash collections. The above mentioned scholarship shall be enjoyed by the student on top of other scholarships.

Documentary Requirements

-Certification from Section Head of the Socio-Cultural Section, Department of Student Services and Development (DSSD).