Service Scholarship

The following are entitled to free full tuition fee scholarship for services rendered to the institution:
–       USSG President (per campus)
–       Graduate School Student Organization President (per campus)
–       ROTC Corps Commander (per campus)
–       Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Newsletter
–       VLPCC President (per campus)Sports Club President (per    campus)
–       CWTS student volunteers to be determined by the NSTP director. The number of volunteers will be limited to 4 per school year.

            The following are entitled to half tuition fee discount for services rendered to the institution:
–       USSG Vice President (per campus)
–       VLPCC Vice President (per campus)
–       GSSO Vice President (per campus)
–       Editorial Staff (per campus)
–       Members of the Drum and Bugle Corps (per campus)

Note: Only those who finished the basic course (NSTP) but continue serving in the drum and bugle corps shall enjoy the scholarship.

Documentary Requirements
–       Certification from the Director/Dean/Section Head that indeed they are serving under such opportunities.
Implementation Guidelines
–       Fiduciary funds collected from said organizations shall be used to finance the aforementioned scholarships subject to availability of actual cash collections. Service scholarship shall be enjoyed by the student on top of other scholarships.
–       If a student enjoys other scholarships, the cash equivalent of his earned scholarship will be given as incentive at the end of the semester.

         To illustrate: Full academic scholarship shall be computed to pay for the assessed fees of the student, and when the student also enjoys, for example, TEAP scholarship, other excess fees not covered by the academic scholarship shall be deducted to the TEAP scholarship. Any excess shall then be returned to the availing student.

 –       Moreover, if a student enjoys 2 earned scholarships, and he used one, the equivalent amount of the one earned scholarship shall be given to the student in cash.