ICBE Scholarship

ICBE Scholarship for Education Students

What is the Scholarship all about?

  • ICBE stands for Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe. It is a network of Igorot and Cordillera organizations and individuals in Europe. When it was established in 2003, the organizations were: Igorot Organization-Austria, Cordillera Community in Belgium, BIBAK Ireland, BIBAK Switzerland and Igorot UK. Individuals were from Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.
  • This scholarship is an initiative of ICBE to help fellow Cordillerans finish their degrees. This is in response to the challenge gave by IFSU President Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon when he was invited as keynote speaker in the 6th ICBE Consultation at Woodford Country Hotel, Woodford Green, London, United Kingdom on April 22 ā€“ 25, 2011 and in the 7th ICBE Consultation at Centro Aragones, Joaquin Costa 68, Barcelona, Spain on May 9 ā€“ 12, 2013.

Objective of the Scholarship Program

  • To help poor but deserving student of education course with the end in view that when he or she works in the future as a teacher, he or she will duplicate the help by sponsoring scholarship.

Privilege/s of a Scholar

  • The scholar will receive PhP 5, 000.00 per semester or PhP 40,000.00 in four years.

Application Process

  • Applicants will be directed to Mr. Julio Pugong, the scholarship coordinator, at the Office of the Department of Student Services and Development (DSSD)
  • Only 1st year education students are eligible.
  • Only those evaluated to be academically competent but financially deprived.
  • With intention to teach in any province of the Cordillera
  • Applicants will be ranked accordingly to be forwarded to ICBE for final selection

List of Scholars to date:

  1. Ruth Dumangeng
  2. Mary Grace Buyuccan
  3. Janellie Pablo
  4. Davonee Hangdaan
  5. Vanessa Avila

Total fund to date: PhP 30, 000.00 from Conchita Pooten