President's Charge

To Our IFSU Graduates - Batch 2019. Congratulations!

Your graduation today marks a significant milestone for you and your family. This special day is all about what you have accomplished during your stay and journey at Ifugao State University (IFSU). What you have achieved today is a result of your thinking yesterday. And definitely, you have left your mark in this University. After this day, it will already be about what you can contribute as professionals to the community and to the world. Your life tomorrow will be determined by what you think today. Your thoughts will determine how much you earn, where you live, and what you become in life. It’s YOU who will shape yourself, your life, and your future!

As you leave the university that nurtured and prepared you well for a wonderful career and life. I pray that you continue to imbibe IFSU’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Faith, Service, Creativity, and Cultural-Sensitivity. I pray that you will continue to develop the character that will allow you not only to make the right decisions based on positive values, but also to act with integrity and great faith. Surely, THERE IS MORE TO YOU than what people see, THERE IS MORE IN TODAY and THERE IS MORE IN YOUR FUTURE than you can see, As it is said, “According to your faith will it be done to you”.

However, if in your journey, you stumble and get swept off by adversities in life, please remember that you have an IFSU education. You have been given a strong foundation to surmount any hurdle in life. I believe that your IFSU education has armed you with the tools necessary both to face great challenges and to seize great opportunities.

Dear graduates, I charge you to step up the front line as responsible IFSU alumni and to be an influence. Your decisions will be determined what kind of influence you will be. I charge you to do your part to add to IFSU’s reputation through your outstanding accomplishments and contribution to change the world for the better. As your University President, I am more than convinced that the stature of our university is largely determined by the successes of our students, who are our number 1 asset. Truly, your success is IFSU’s success! Your personal victory is the entire IFSU Family’s victory! We’re proud of YOU!

I also charge you _ our IFSU graduates, batch of 2019, to remember these two things to help you bounce back easily from failures and difficulties. Be HUMBLE. I cannot agree more with the adage I once read, which states: “Humility is not thinking about yourself, but it’s thinking of yourself less”. Be RESILIENT. Strive not to let anything negative take hold of you; better yet, focus on what you learn from that negative experience. I tell you, your time spent on harboring anger and bitterness due to negative experiences will only give you lesser time on moving forward and doing what you desire to do.

Finally, as you head out in the world, always remember to uphold the principles and values that IFSU stands for. You are a true IFSUan. Be proud! You are more than ready to achieve more, and seize the opportunity to fulfill your destiny. It is all within your reach. Jeremiah 29:11 says: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and future”.

With this, I say, “blow off the caps that limit your life!” Go! Fulfill the purpose to which GOD has called you.

Thank you. I wish you good tidings in all your journeys to come. God Bless you!