Moving forward with excellence

The Ifugao State University is now officially ISO Certified for its Quality Management System.  The ISO Certification simply mirrors the aspiration of the University to embark on delivering services closer and efficient to its all clients and stakeholders. 

The journey to ISO Certification showcased the University’s readiness to embrace change as an important pathway to be globally recognized higher learning institution upholding excellence amidst rich cultural heritage. Despite initial confusion and resistance to change, the ISO process decluttered and organized offices. Also, proper signage and billboards were placed in different areas and offices, and forms and processes were developed and produced to allow monitoring and systematization of transactions.

IFSU recognizes that change is not easy. But with its collective and steadfast commitment, IFSU is taking great stride for an ISO way of public service. Sometimes,  the old way of doing things is very comfortable for most. But there is an urgent call as public servants to get out of these comfort zones and give new meaning to public service. 

The challenge now is how to sustain what has been started and achieved. There have been issues arising from the forms and processes but these are part of learning and points for improvement. ISO per se is not the total solution for public service. It is by changing the old habits and culture of mediocrity. 

As a University, with or without ISO, we need to continually upgrade and raise the bar of public service. We should always remember that every time we extend excellent services to our clients and stakeholders, we are raising the profile of the University. Let us be reminded that one of  IFSU’s goals is excellent public service and good governance. With our excellent services, we are contributing to the realization of our new Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives (VMGO).