The Value of Discipline and Order

Editor's Note: The Ifugao State University adopted the 7-minute discussion of a common value throughout the country after the flag ceremony by the Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values and the Civil Service Commission. 

Each week, a value will be featured. But for this month, we will be posting the different values presented during the flag ceremony since April 2019. 

We start with the value of Discipline and Order. 

Good day to all. Let me quote 1st Corinthians 9:27 “ But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.”

The body is the strongest and most efficient machine utilized to fulfill our life assignments and responsibilities. It is also considered to be the almighty God’s temple. With these things in mind, we need to keep our bodies sound and healthy. A first-century writer admonishes us through his example to discipline our bodies and bring it under subjection. This entails keeping our physical and every aspect of our well-being healthy- our mind, soul, and spirit.

We need to uphold his discipline internally and demonstrate every positive characteristic of discipline and order towards our family, to IFSU our University and our society. Then we become the message for others, inspiring them to follow our lead.

Discipline and order are values which must be learned primarily inside the family and secondarily from the schools and the society. It must be instilled when one is young so that when he or she grows old, it will not depend on him or her. But it is never too late for us older individuals to instill discipline and order to ourselves. In fact, as educators, we really need to possess such values. If discipline and order will be practiced among us, surely, we will have better Ifugao State University. Thus, we must train ourselves to be subjected under rules, laws and sound principles. We must also follow what the ISO requires us, what the IFSU code wants us to do. We must not impose our own principles and selfish interest in nature, which deviate us from the IFSU norm.

Let us learn from the example of different countries such as in Japan, there are 5 things that make them successful- the spirit, their punctuality, discipline, politeness, and the no-error altitude. Its citizens respect and follow the rules and regulations and honor the rule of the law.

That is why as members of the IFSU family, we must resolve to do the following know-how whenever we are disciplining somebody in our own jurisdictions.

  1. Communicate in an equal footing with others and never look down or to belittle them.
  2. Approach the situation logically then rebuke with words that build, edify and never with anger.
  3. Explain why the behavior affects others, workplace as a whole, and the need for it to be connected, hereby guiding others towards the correctional procedure and
  4. End with positive discipline and do everything in love. Everyone is encouraged to show discipline and order. This can best be exemplified by observing and practicing the University’s 7s sort, shine, standardize, set in order, sustain, spirit as well as simplify following the rules and regulations of our University.

-Mr. Donato Abaya, College of Arts and Sciences