Pres Dugyon graces Gotad ad Kiyangan 2019

“There is truly no place like home.” A joyful Ifugao State University (IFSU) President Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon said when she addressed the 2019 Gotad ad Kiyangan.

In her message, President Dugyon highlighted that the Gotad ad Kiyangan is more than a celebration but also a time to strengthen the values of sharing and unity. “Unity is one of the most potent weapons of a community. The people of Kiangan have always been knitted together and unified by the customs, traditions and remarkable history,” she added.

President Dugyon also shared the initiatives of the University in integrating Indigenous Knowledge, Systems and Practices into the curriculum to promote the preservation of the rich indigenous knowledge systems to the young ones and to revitalize the best practices that have cultivated the lives of the Ifugaos since time immemorial.

“I really hope that the accumulated traditions and wisdom we have received from our ancestors will be passed on from one generation to generation,” she further added.

“True enough, your Annual Town Fiesta and Gotad ad Kiyangan have always been a showcase of the people’s proud culture, demonstrating to everyone that this town is worth treasuring and emulating. And that fills my heart with pride and great elation,” President Dugyon ended.

Haggiyo and God bless Kiangan.