Be an IFSU Scholar

As Per CHED Memorandum Order No. 13, Series of 2014 Pursuant to the pertinent provisions of RA 7722 known as the “Higher education Act of 1994”, one of the thrusts of the Commission on Higher Education is to provide access and equity to quality education among the financially disadvantaged but academically deserving students for them to contribute in enhancing the nation’s human capital, competitiveness and economic development. Effective SY 2014-2015. There shall only be three (3) categories of StuFAPS, namely:

I. Scholarship

A. State Scholarship Program (SSP)

Full Scholarship Intended for high school graduate whose General Weighted Average (GWA) is at least 90% or its equivalent, and for graduating high school whose GWA is at least 90% or its equivalent in the third year and at least 90% in the first three grading periods of the fourth years, who will enroll in identified priority courses in duly authorized public or private HEIs.

B. Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

Intended for high school graduates whose GWA is at least 85% or its equivalent and for graduating high school students whose GWA is at least 85% or its equivalent in the third year and at least 85% in the first three grading periods of the fourth years, who will enroll in identified priority courses duly authorized private HEIs.

II. Grants-in-Aid 

A. Tulong Dunong (TD) This is intended for: High school graduates whose GWA is at least a passing grade and for graduating high school students whose GWA is at least a passing grade in the third and in the first three grading periods of the fourth year and who will enroll in identified priority courses in duly authorized private HEIs Students with earned units in college - whose weighted average is at least a passing grade for the last two (2) semesters and enrolled in identified priority courses duly authorized public or private HEIs Students who passed the Alternative Learning System (ALS) and Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) 

Qualification Requirements

Must be a Filipino citizen; Must be a high school graduate; candidate for graduation; with earned units in college; passer of ALS/PEPT; Must have a combined annual gross income of parents/guardian not to exceed Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP300,000.00); Must avail of only one CHED scholarship or financial assistance program; and Must not be graduate of any degree program.

Application Documentary Requirements

A. Academic Requirement

1. For incoming freshmen

a. For on-going Senior High School Grade 12 applicants: Certified Grade 11 and 1st Semester of Grade 12 Grades;

b. For Senior High School Graduates:  Certified Grade 12 grades

2. For applicants with Earned Units in College a. Certificate of grades in all subjects in completed semesters

3. For Other Applicants a.  ALS - Accreditation and Equivalency Test Passer Certificate b. PEPT - Certificate of Advancing to the Next Level

B. Other Requirements

1. Anyone of the following: Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents or guardian, Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Certificate of Indigency from their Barangay, Case Study from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), or Affidavit of No Income For children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and seafarers, a latest copy of contract or proof of income may be considered.

2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the last school attended Financial Benefi ts The package of financial assistance to scholars/ grantees/borrowers shall cover the completion of the degree program. The financial benefits per academic year (AY) are as follows:

I. Scholarship

A. SSP - PhP30,000.00 B. PESFA - PhP15,000.00

II. Grants-in-Aid

Tulong Dunong Per academic year based on Tuition and other fees of HEIs - PhP6,000.00; PhP9,000.00; and, PhP12,000.00

CHED Priority Courses for AY 2014-2015 and AY 2017-2018

As per CMO No.1, s.2014 Information Technology Information Technology and Computing Studies, Multimedia, Animation, Programming, Computer Science, Information System Management, and Bachelor in Library Science and Information System major in System Analysis

2. Agriculture and Related Fields Agro-Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Engineer, Agribusiness / Management, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Technology, Agriculture, Fisheries, BS Food Technology, and Agricultural Economics

3. Teacher Education major in: Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Reading, English, Educational media / Technology, Special Education (SPED), Human Kinetics, Physical Education and Sports and Science, Bachelor of Physical Education major in School PE, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Planning (for teachers), MAPEH, Music Education, Art Education, and Health Education

4. Engineering Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Metallurgical / Mining, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical, Geodetic, Electrical, Meteorological, Mining, Geological, Sanitary Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Bio-Chemical Engineering

5. Science and Math BS Math, BS Physics, BS Biology, BS Chemistry, BS Marine Biology / Science, BS Applied Physics, BS Geology, BS Earth Science, BS Applied Mathematics, BS Statistics / Applied Statistics, Atmospheric Science, and Environmental Science

6. Health Science Pharmacy, Radiology Technology, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and BS Nutrition

7. Arts and Humanities Creative and Performing Arts, BS Religious Education, BS Philosophy, and BS Theology

8. Social and Behavioral Sciences BS Psychology, BS Social Work, Human Development, and Guidance and Counseling

9. Business Administration and related courses BS Accountancy, Business Data Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Construction Management, and Tourism

10. Architecture BS Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Environmental Planning, Fine Arts, and Urban Planning

11. Maritime BS Marine Transportation

12. Communication BA Communication, BA Journalism, BA Broadcasting, and BS Development Communication

13. Additional Priority Courses for CAR Health Science - Medical and Health Related Business Administration and related courses - Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Education; and Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Agriculture and other related fields - Horticulture Teacher Education - Bachelor of Technical Education and BSED majors in Social Studies and Filipino Arts and Humanities - Liberal Arts Social and Behavioral Science - Political Science Other Disciplines - Bachelor of Science in Criminology

CHED Contacts

Dr. Ma. Geraldine F. Casipit - OIC, Office of the Director IV Ms. Menzie O. Kuengan - SEPS - OIC - CEPS Ms. Christine M. Soriano - ES II / StuFAPs’ Coordinator - Focal Person Ms. Fely Ann P. Balusdan - ES II / StuFAPs’ Coordinator Telefax No.: (074) 422-2418 or (074) 422-4052 Cellphone No.: +639205605182, +639182804324, and +639338756572 Email Address: Application Period: February - April 30