Prof. Wedy Lannaon, an IFSU pioneer retires after 42 years in service

After 42 years in service,  Professor Wedy J. Lannaon finally bids farewell to his old and young colleagues at the Ifugao State University during a Thanksgiving Mass and short program held at the Luis Hora Gymnasium on February 14, 2019.

Prof. Lannaon was joined by his family and relatives, old time friends, colleagues at the College of Agriculture and Home Science, National Service Training Program, University officials and from the community.

Fr. Harry James Gawongna, in his message during the Thanksgiving Mass said that the life of Prof. Lannaon is an example of service to others with love, mercy and compassion.  

Fr. Gawongnga added, “Like Prof. Lannaon, may we continue to be inspired to pursue and live up to our aspirations.”

Former IFSU retirees were also present during the program. Old time favorite songs were sung while Prof. Lannaon enjoyed dancing with the retirees.

“I am now a retiree but I will always be around,” said Prof. Lannaon. “I will just be relieved in wearing uniform, ID, classroom duties, and making syllabus and OPCR,” he said jokingly.

One of his children, Ariel, shared a birthday message to their father, “You brought and raised us well. You taught us to be wise, how to pick up ourselves after failure and strongly rise. You are amazing father and lolo. We want you to enjoy life to the fullest.”

Prof. Lannaon served IFSU for 42 years since he joined the University in 1976 as Secondary School Trainer. Since then he rose to become a Professor VI starting 2008.

A birthday letter from a son

This letter was read during the Thanksgiving Mass and retirement program of Prof. Lannaon by his son, Ariel. 

Dear Pa,  

        Papa, I may not be the best son, but you never stopped being the best father for us. As you eldest son, I wonder how much we love you. We may not tell you often but God knows we do with all our hearts to infinity and beyond.  

       We have reached our age where we realized what a selfless father you are, full of love for us. We are so blessed to have you as a father in our lives. You brought and raised us well and obviously without noticing, I admire and follow your footsteps as my role model. 

      Pa.. you have taught us to be wise, how to pick up ourselves after failure and strongly rise. No amount of words can ever express our love and respect for you. If you feel low, just remember that you have us...the family that adores you.  

      We are lucky to be able to grow with you. You are a caring father and was a loving and faithful husband to our late Mama. 

      Thank you Pa.. for doing your best to raise us into strong men and women. You are a shining example of what is to be a stellar father. Rest assured that with your example, we will raise our kids well. 

      You are our source of inspiration. Today is your special day. This is a perfect moment to speak our hearts out. I can’t even remember the last time I gave you a nice hug but I feel so secured because I have you.  

      Mama could not be with us on this special day but I know, she’s looking down proudly at you from heaven for being an amazing father and lolo. 
      Pa..we want you enjoy life to the fullest. Travel and go out with friends. We love you.