Aaron Olk: A US Paramedic Peace Corps at home in IFSU

“Seeing the world and contributing even in a small way to make it a better place is my motto,” said Aaron Ole, a United States of America (USA) Paramedic Peace Corps Expert who chose to make Ifugao State University (IFSU) as his station for seven months.  

According to Aaron, he was introduced by his wife to the US Peace Corps. When he saw the posting at the US Peace Corps Website that IFSU is in need of a paramedic, he did not hesitate to submit his application. Prior to this, he volunteered in Ghana for health and paramedic services under the Peace Corps Program.  

Aside from being an expert paramedic, Aaron is an instructor and traveler. He admitted that his passion for international work and cooperation is worth fulfilling for him. As a champion of disaster response and preparedness, he would love to use and share his skills outside US to contribute increase capacity of communities to respond in times of emergencies and disasters.  

As a paramedic, Aaron plans to integrate his expertise in the crafting of the University Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Plan. With his stay at the University, he plays a key role in the resource generation for the sustainability of the newly created IFSU DRRM Committee. Specifically, he would like to participate in the conduct of community level disaster responses and build pool of responders that will become force multipliers. The trainings will also an avenue for improving DRRM knowledge and responses.  

Aaron, before becoming a US Peace Corps Volunteer was a full time paramedic for 10 years and a part time instructor at the Connecticut Community College.

“It is really fulfilling for me to be here at IFSU and contributing incapacitating the University in its DRRM. For months that I am staying here, I am enjoying the climate, people, and culture. I even learned how to complete the process of cooking a chicken,” happily shared by Aaron.

Aaron is one of the US Peace Corps Volunteers assigned around the world. His assignment in IFSU will end in April 2019.#