IFSU Hymn video showcases strong family character

The production of the Ifugao State University (IFSU) Hymn video was made possible through the strong family character of its officials, employees, and students. Teamwork could have been the word to describe the collective effort but the phrase “family character” best justifies the video content and the experiences behind the scenes. The phrase speaks of the values one may realize while watching and the values employed during the conceptualization, shooting, and eventual production. 

The video content is more than just the usual showcasing of IFSU’s pursuit for excellence in its four major thrusts: instruction, research, extension, and administration. It is important to bear in mind the line in the hymn that says, “O dear alma mater”. Mater is the Latin word for mother. Hence, the video portrays IFSU as a mother nurturing her children to be the better version of themselves.  

As a mother, her concern is not only the intellectual feat of her children but their totality as human persons. IFSU hones her clientele to be achievers with conscience and to be the best service providers especially to those in need. This is the rationale behind featuring the IFSU Eye Center in the video as it has been meant for social service. This is in adherence to “touch peoples’ lives” as embedded in IFSU’s mission statement and the line in the hymn that says, “Your mission soars far beyond the sky”.

Experiences behind the scenes were in the forms of participatory communication, cooperation, understanding, and hospitality. Everything started on October 19, 2018, with a text message from Richard D. Baliao, Director of the Department of Public and International Affairs (DPIA) of IFSU, instructing me to finalize the IFSU hymn video or work on the script for the video shoot in preparation for the board meeting. 

The script is indeed vital in any music video production as it serves as a planning tool that guides the production team. While others say that two heads are better than one, I personally believe that more heads produce the best output. Hence, participatory communication came in the scene. The script turned out to be a result of suggestions, verification, and consolidation during a meeting with the DPIA director and staff on October 22, 2018.  

The production team was composed of: Edward Alan “Makai”  Dinamling, the cameraman and video editor; Jill B. Saquing, in-charge of arranging the set; Florida Robles, in charge of ensuring the preparation of equipment needed, and; I was in charge of negotiations with campus officials, employees, and students providing them orientation regarding the purpose of the video shoot and the content of the script. Recognizing and appreciating each team member’s talent and role were key elements for the attainment of the team’s goal.

As scheduled, we visited the IFSU satellite campuses for the video shoot. Native hospitality in a local setting characterizes our visit to the IFSU Hapao Campus on November 7, 2018.  Considerate of the distant travel from the Lamut Campus, Johny Dulnuan, the campus director, had our lunch be prepared. 

Same hospitality was rendered when we visited the IFSU Eye Center at Potia Campus on November 8, 2018. Doris Beyer, director of the said center, allowed us to shoot and see for the first time the center’s high-end equipment. Also, Dr. Camilo Pimentel, Director of IFSU Lagawe Campus, was very cooperative. Immediately after negotiating on November 12, 2018, he instructed the employees to attend to our request. Further, there were requests to make adjustments in the schedules and we tried to broaden our understanding as some would want to give their best.  

The cooperation and hospitality manifested by the officials, employees, and students were encouraging. There were employees and students who were just passing by and when asked to attend to our request for the video shoot, they just responded. With that, they won my respect and admiration. After all, the IFSU Hymn video is our output as one IFSU family. 

Jeremy Gawongna