A convergent and engaged community of lifelong relationships that are favorable for the alumni and the university


Reach, Connect and Celebrate to foster lifelong and mutually beneficial relationships between and among active, responsible, contributing IFSU alumni to support the university's mission.


  1. To connect the alumni with the university through various programs and activities
  2. To cultivate and support strong mutually beneficial relationships among IFSU Alumni and friends.
  3. To maintain an updated Alumni Directory
  4. To upgrade the Alumni Hall in order that it will serve the stakeholders to a maximum advantage
  5. To increase funds from alumni donations to sustain the development plans for the university's worthwhile endeavors.


  1. Foster meaningful ties between alumni and other IFSU stakeholders;
  2. Collaborate with other IFSU stakeholders in engaging alumni and students;
  3. Strengthen communications with alumni and other IFSU stakeholders; and 
  4. Create opportunities for alumni to give back their time, talent and resources for the benefit of the University and stakeholders.