Wednesday 21st of August 2019



A globally recognized University upholding excellence amidst rich cultural heritage



Produce employable graduates who are morally upright, socially and culturally responsible professionals through quality, relevant, and innovative instruction, research, extension, and resource generation



Goal 1. Academic excellence


1. To assure quality of programs

2. To ensure effective student lifecycle management and career development

3. To Provide unique and lifelong learning experience in the entire student lifecycle

4. To integrate internationalization perspective towards global connectedness

5. To strengthen student welfare services for a successful academic formation of students

6. To integrate Indigenous Knowledge, System and Practices (IKSP) in the academic programs to intensify conservation of the rich cultural heritage

Goal 2. Strong research leadership and culture


1.  To establish a strong brand and strengthen image building of IFSU as a research leader

2. To intensify conduct of research and dissemination of RD outputs

3. To intensify conservation of the rich cultural heritage

Goal 3. Sustainable extension and community engagement


1. To package and transfer knowledge and technologies relevant to the needs of the clientele

2. To create a widely shared organizational culture that encourages, promotes, and rewards extension and community engagements

3. To establish/Strengthen/Sustain linkages with LGUs, industries, and other organizations/stakeholders for resource sharing, extension program, and service complementation

Goal 4. Excellent public service and good governance


1. To ensure efficient, transparent and accountable delivery of administrative services

2. To forge strong network system and resource-sharing through collaborative activities conducted regularly

3. To strengthen the university’s local and international visibility 

4. To enhance efficiency in resource generation and mobilization

5. To upgrade the competencies and capabilities of human resources

6. To technologize front line services and other services of the University

7. To ensure a clean, green, safe, and GAD-responsive University environment

8. To intensify conservation of the rich cultural heritage integrating culture in the administrative and support services



1. Excellence—IFSU’s strong commitment to achieve superior quality outputs and services in the areas of instruction, research, extension, resource generation, and administration

2. Faith—IFSU’s strong belief and faith that there is GOD Almighty who guides the University in all its undertakings and endeavors. This also mirrors the University’s community members’ trust and confidence for each other toward harmonious living.

3. Integrity—IFSU’s adherence to moral and ethical values; conformity to principle-driven service in the pursuit of the University vision, mission and goals.

4. Service—IFSU’s recognition that the essence of its existence is to serve its clienteles and stakeholders for the common good.

5. Creativity—IFSU’s commitment to create and nurture a teaching and learning environment that encourages innovation, dynamism and resourcefulness in the pursuit to be globally recognized amidst rich cultural heritage. This includes provision of opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.

6. Cultural-sensitivity—IFSU’s commitment to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the province and the region.