Office of the President

University President

Name Dr. Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon
Contact Number 09175548753
E-mail Address ecdugyon@yahoo.com/president@ifsu.edu.ph
                                 Office of the Vice President for Administration

 Vice President, Administration


Prof. Freddie B. Caday, PhD

Contact Number     09068610462

E-mail Address 

                              Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs


Vice President, Academic Affairs
Name Prof. Nancy Ann P. Gonzales, PhD
Contact Number 09176269291
E-mail Address napgonzales@yahoo.com
 Office of the Vice President for Research & Development, Extension & Training
Designation Vice President, RDET
Name Prof. Dinah Corazon M. Licyayo, PhD
Contact Number 09175041324
E-mail Address dmlicyayo@yahoo.com
    Office of the Vice President for Planning, Finance and Resource Generation
Designation Vice President for Planning, Finance and Resource Generation
Name Asso. Prof. Diosdado M. Aquino, PhD
Contact Number 09173169645
E-mail Address


                                   Campus Administrator, Main/Lamut Campus


Campus Administrator, Main/Lamut Campus
Name Prof. Camilo A. Pimentel, PhD
Contact Number 09171451035
E-mail Address camilopim@yahoo.com/camilopimentel57@gmail.com
                                     Campus Administrator, Potia Campus


Campus Administrator, Potia Campus

Name Univ. Prof Serafin L. Ngohayon, PhD
Contact Number 09175188509
E-mail Address sngohayon@yahoo.com
                                   Campus Administrator, Tinoc Campus


Campus Administrator, Tinoc Campus
Name Asst. Prof. Adrian L. Albano, PhD
Contact Number 09176272358
E-mail Address hi.albano@gmail.com
                                   Campus Administrator, Lagawe Campus


Campus Administrator, Lagawe Campus
Name Prof. Napoleon K. Taguiling, PhD
Contact Number 09175720345
E-mail Adress naptag@yahoo.com
                                      Campus Administrator, Hapao Campus


Campus Administrator, Hapao Campus
Name Prof. Jose G. Daniels, PhD
Contact Number 09175720460
E-mail Address  malayogano@yahoo.com


 Campus Administrator, Aguinaldo Campus
Name Asst. Prof. Ruben B. Manuyap, MS
Contact Number 09051291640
E-mail Address  rbmanuyap@gmail.com
DEANS, Lamut Campus
                                       College of Advanced Education (CAE)

Dean, College of Advanced Education (CAE)


Prof. Mary P. Caclini, PhD

Contact Number 09063851495
E-mail Address


               College of Open Distance & Transnational Education (CODETE)
Designation Dean, College of Open Distance & Transnational Education (CODETE)
Name Asso Prof. Jengjeng M. Bolintao, PhD
Contact Number  09361263811
E-mail Address Jeng_84@yahoo.com
                                             College of Education (COE)


Dean, College of Education (COE)
Name Asso. Prof. Vivian D. Dumelod, PhD
Contact Number 09273776291
E-mail Address Vivs_dumelod@yahoo.com.ph
                                      College of Health Sciences (CHS)

Dean, College of Health Sciences (CHS)

Name Asso. Prof. Augusta D. Bongtiwon, PhD
Contact Number 09066776267
E-mail Address:   auggienjim@yahoo.com
                          College of Agriculture and Home Science (CAHS)

Dean, College of Agriculture and Home Science (CAHS)

Name Prof.Teresita D. Allig, PhD
Contact Number 09053613152
E-mail Address teresitadulnuanallig@gmail.com
                                      College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)


Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Name Asso. Prof. Jamaica G. Bumidang, PhD
Contact Number 


E-mail Address aciajbumidang@yahoo.com
                                    College of Computing Sciences (CCS)
Designation  College of Computing Sciences (CCS)
Name Asso. Prof. Rhoda S. Bunoan, PhD
Contact Number 09068002398
E-mail Address Rsbunoan@yahoo.com
DEANS, Lagawe Campus
                                             College of Education (COE)
Designation Dean, College of Education (COE)
Name Asst. Prof Dizon Tayaban, PhD
Contact Number 09353068811
E-mail Address tayabandizon@gmail.com
                              College of Business & Management (CBM)
Designation Dean, College of Business & Management (CBM)
Name Asst. Prof. Moses B. Appoy, PhD
Contact Number 09354577640
E-mail Address moses_appoy@yahoo.com
                                  College of Engineering & Technology (CET)

College of Engineering & Technology (CET)

Name Engr. Jenette U. Ballitoc (Acting Dean)
Contact Number 09167100858
E-mail Address jen2_ballitoc@yahoo.com
DEANS, Potia Campus
                                      College of Advanced Education (CAE)
Designation Dean,College of Advanced Education
Name Asso. Prof Hilda N. Immangdul, PhD
Contact Number 09101156461
E-mail Address nelatap@up.edu.ph
                                 College of Education (COE)
Designation Dean, College of Education (COE)
Name Inst. Matronillo D. Martin, PhD
Contact Number 09193984998
E-mail Address matt_martin122680@yahoo.com
                                    College of Agriculture & Forestry (CAE)
Designation Dean, College of Agriculture & Forestry (CAF)
Name Prof. Nelson S. Latap, PhD
Contact Number 09278406567
E-mail Address  nelatap@up.edu.ph
                                    College of Computing Sciences (CCS)
Designation Dean, College of Computing Sciences (CCS)
Name Inst. Dennis C. Malunao (Acting Dean)
Contact Number  
E-mail Address dhenlhex@gmail.com
                                College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE)
Designation Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE)
Name Leia Grace Elaine Bayag-o (Acting Dean)
Contact Number 09460922903
E-mail Address elaineayago@gmail.com


                                        Department of Finance Services
Designation  Director, Finance Services (Chief Admin. Officer)
Name  Dr. Juliet C. Daniels
E-mail Address


Contact Number 09277794910
                                       Department of Admin Services

Director, Admin Services (DAS)

Name Mr. Warren D. Tayaban

Contact Number

E-mail Address  
                                     Department of General Services


 Director, General Services (DGS)

Name Mr. Joenas P. Nacod-am
Contact Number  
E-mail Address  
                          Department of Infrastructure & Site Development


Director, Department of Infrastructure & Site Development
Name Engr. Marianne B. Malingan
Contact Number 09277795328
E-mail Address  maimalingan@yahoo.com
                          Department of Student Services & Development
Designation Director, Department of Student Services & Development


Ms. Desiree A. Ballitoc
Contact No 09065941227
E-mail Address desiree_ballitoc@yahoo.com
                          Department of Registrar and Admission Services
Designation Director, Registrar and Admission Services
Name Ms. Jocelyn A. Guimpatan
Contact Number 09777330857
E-mail Address jguimpatan@yahoo.com
                                    Department of Capacity Development


Director, Capacity Development
Name  Dr. Alice Y. Brawner
Contact No 09052775058
E-mail Adress alicebrawner@yahoo.com
                                                  Department of Sports Development


Director, Sports Development (DSD)
Name Dr. Salvador J. Dabo III
Contact Number 09353340859
E-mail Address crashbeauford@yahoo.com
                                  Department of National Service Training Program


Director, National Sevice Training Program
Name Dr. Leudane L. Loñez
Contact Number  09057175429
E-mail Address  leudanelonez@gmail.com
                                             Department of Library Services


Director, Library Services (DLS)
Name  Dr. Liza M. Tamargo

Contact Number

E-mail Address  liza_tamargo@yahoo.com
                                     Department of Socio-Cultural Affairs
Designation Director, Socio-Cultural Affairs
Name Dr. Martina B. Labhat
Contact Number 09653346435/ 09051400356
E-mail Address ayatnapudot@gmail.com
                                  Department of Research and Development
Designation Director, Research and Development
Name  Dr. Elpidio B. Basilio Jr.
Contact Number 09175550907
E-mail Address elpidiobasiliojr@yahoo.com
                                     Department of Extension and Training
Designation Director, Extension and Training
Name Ms. Marah Joy A. Nanglegan
Contact Number 09979741176
Email Address joyalsiken@yahoo.com
                                                 IRT-GIAHS R&D Center
Designation Director, IRT-GIAHS R&D Center
Name Ms. Eulalie D. Dulnuan
Contact Number 09354980030
Email Address eulalied@gmail.com
                                                 IFSU Eye Center (IFEC)
Designation Director, IFSU Eye Center (IFEC)
Name Ms. Doris B. Beyer
Contact Number 09778090786
E-mail Address


                                           Income Generating Projects
Designation  Director, Income Generating Projects 


Ms. Christine N. Dinagtuan
Contact Number 09178492628
E-mail Address christine.dinagtuan@yahoo.com
                                      Planning and Information Management
Designation Director, Planning and Information Management
Name Dr. Joyce A. Bodah
Contact Number 09778191941
E-mail Address oyzbodah@yahoo.com
                              Departmen of Human Resource and Development
Designation Director, Human Resource Development
Name Dr. Marissa P. Bulong
Contact Number 09061301655
E-mail Address bulong_marissa@yahoo.com
        Department of Gender and Development Research & Resource Center
Designation Director, Gender and Development Research & Resource Center
Name Dr. Romel B. Sumeg-ang
Contact Number 09068888664
E-mail Address


                   Department of Environmental Protection & Conservation
Designation Director, Dept. of Environmental Protection & Conservation
Name Dr. Milton P. Dulay
Contact Number 09752848487
E-mail Address ton_iaf@yahoo.com
                                            Department of Quality Assurance
Designation Director, Quality Assurance
Name Dr. Marie Ann C. Galvez
Contact Number 09061779526
E-mail Address noggalvez@gmail.com
                                Dept of Comm., Public & International Affairs
Designation Director, Comm., Public & International Affairs
Name Mr. Richard D.  Baliao
Contact Number 09770913648
Email Address boe_chard@yahoo.com
                                           Department of Alumni Affairs
Designation Director, Alumni Affairs
Name Dr. Emilia G. Ordillo
Contact Number 09263072522
E-mail Address emiliaordillo@yahoo.com
                                           NBC 461 Zonal Center for CAR
Designation Director, NBC 461 Zonal Center for CAR
Name Dr. Vicky C. Madangeng
Contact Number 09055151320
Email Address vikicad@yahoo.com
                                    Office of the University Board Seretary
Designation Acting University and Board Secretary
Name Ms. Sandra Irish C. Marquez
Contact Number 09979351172
Email Address sandy_0171@yahoo.com

Ref: EO No. 34, s.2019-UNIVERSITY KEY OFFICIALS for SY 2019-2020 AND SY 2020-2021