Wednesday 21st of August 2019

Extension & Training


A globally recognized University upholding excellence amidst rich cultural heritage


To provide quality extension services to enrich target communities social-economic, cultural and environmental resources development for an improved quality of life


1. To package and transfer technologies responsive to the needs of the community

2. To assist and empower target communities in the development and implementations of enterprise-based projects for sustainable development in partnership within and outside the University

3. to empower the community in good governance and productive leadership for project development

4. to assist and empower target communities in conserving the natural resources

5. to work collaboratively with local government units and other institutions for effective extension delivery system

Banner Programs


H-ealth and wellness Program

A-griculture, food sustainability and natural resources program

G-ender and Development Program

G-ood Governance, Peace and Order

I-ndustry, Livelihood and Computer Literacy program

Y-outh empowerment Program

O-organizational Capability Building Program

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