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An Academic Centers of Excellence in Computing Sciences


To provide quality education towards professional development and global competitiveness of graduates in Computing Sciences


The graduates are globally competitive, morally upright, innovative and socially responsible professionals engaged in research, extension and resource generation activities.


  • Analyze complex problems, identify and define the computing requirements needed to design an appropriate solution;
  • Apply computing and other knowledge domains to address real-world problems;
  • Design and develop computing solutions using a system-level perspective;
  • Manipulate modern computing tools;
  • Work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams; and
  • Conduct research, extension and resource generation activities

Admission Requirements

College of Computing Sciences Admission Requirements.

New First Year Students

1. IFSU Entrance Exam Result

2. Form 138-A Report Card (original)

3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from school last attended (original)

4. Two (2) passport-size colored ID picture (taken recently, with name tag and white background)

5. Two (2) long white folders (for the College)

6. PSA/NSO-issued birth certificate (photocopy)

7. Marriage certificate for married students (photocopy)

New Transferee Student

1. IFSU Entrance Exam Result

2. Transfer Credentials (original copy)

3. True copy of Grades (original copy)

4. Certificate of Good Moral Character from school last attended (original)

5. Two (2) passport-size colored ID picture (taken recently, with name tag and white background)

6. Two (2) long white folders (for the College)

7. PSA/NSO-issued birth certificate (photocopy)

8. Marriage certificate for married students (photocopy)

College Programs

College of Computing Sciences Program Offerings

  • It is a program that is normally taken over a minimum of two years. Students or graduates of other degree programs who wish to pursue a computing profession may also enroll in this program. The ACT may be considered as initial entry program, although not exactly equivalent to the first two years of the baccalaureate degree programs BSCS, BSIT, BSIS and BSEEMC (CHED)

  • The BS Information Technology program includes the study of the utilization of both hardware and software technologies involving planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to address the needs of the organization.

    The program prepares graduates to address various user needs involving the selection, development, application, integration and management of computing technologies within an organization. (CMO # 25 s. 2015)

    • Web and Applications Developer
    • Junior Database Administrator
    • Systems Administrator
    • Network Engineer
    • Junior Information Security Administrator
    • Systems Integration Personnel
    • IT Audit Assistant
    • Technical Support Specialist
    • QA Specialist
    • System Analyst
    • Computer Programmer
    • IT Instructor / Teacher (Senior & Junior High)
    • Military and Uniform Personnel (PNP, BFP, PCG, BJMP)

College Prospectus

Effective SY 2018-2019





Achievements and Awards

The first university wide research congress was held on 28th of May 2019. The BSIT 4 students presented their capstone project. The following are the project study title/s presented and the names of the student researchers. The students were assisted by their capstone project advisers.

Faculty Profile

College of Computing Sciences Faculty Profile

Aydinan, Anna Leah Buyayo

Assistant Professor II leighabuyayo_83@yahoo.com.ph

Binwek, Monchito Lancao

Instructor I

Bumidang, Cherry Ann Hangdaan

Bunoan, Rhoda Segundo

Associate Professor I, College Dean rsbunoan@yahoo.com

Cablinan, Alma Padduyao

Instructor I

Cablinan, Romeo Pumihic

Instructor III

Caro, Stradivary Dumaliang

Instructor III

Corpus, Myle Melody Daniels

Instructor I

Doculan, Jo Ann Dulinayan

Associate Professor I

Galeon, Dario Humiwat

Instructor I

Ligmayo, Warren Guinobang

Instructor I ifsuwarren@gmail.com

Lobhoy, Dhayen Hangdaan

Assistant Professor II, BSIT & ACT Program Chairperson

Lucas, Rosalie Sison

Instructor I

Peralta, Doulet Ponchao

Pinkihan, Michael Daulayan

Assistant Professor II

Santos, Lannie May Espiritu

Assistant Professor II