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“An excellent center for advanced education”


“The College is committed to provide global advanced education to professionals through blended learning.”


  • To increase the number of enrollees who will finish their graduate studies;
  • To develop professional competence and global perspectives of graduates in the different programs for the improvement of productivity and quality of life;
  • To expand involvement of faculty members, students, and other stakeholders in multi-disciplinary researches;
  • To optimize community services through extension activities and linkages; and
  • To boost the university’s global reputation.


  • The graduates of Ph.D. E.M.

    1. Manifest dynamic leadership and expertise in educational management;
    2. Demonstrate competencies in addressing issues and concerns in the practice of their profession;
    3. Conduct and utilize researches as a tool in effective governance of educational institutions; and
    4. Create innovative programs for extension activities.

  • The graduates of Ph.D. Management

    1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in management;
    2. Practice intellectual enthusiasm in leadership contributing to distinct developments in the community;
    3. Exhibit knowledge and skills in research-based transformations; and
    4. Innovate new and better management practices in diverse organizations.

  • The graduates of D.B.A.

    1. Demonstrate high professional competencies as business practitioners, executives, and consultants operating in a complex, global, and competitive environment;
    2. Contribute to long term viability and effectiveness of the organizations through application of theories to “real-life” situation;
    3. Produce highly interactive and dynamic researches with specific benefits to the organization and career; and
    4. Design business ideas and implement programs for community development.

  • The graduates of MAEd

    1. Exhibit managerial responsibility in the school system
    2. Demonstrate competence in the practice of their own field of specialization;
    3. Manifest theoretical and technical knowledge in teaching a specific subject area or professional area;
    4. Apply research capabilities for replicating, verifying, validating, contextualizing theoretical and practical knowledge about the different aspects of the educational process; and
    5. Organize and conduct extension services for the development of the community.

  • The graduates of MAT

    1. Demonstrate competence and expertise of teachers at an expert level in the fields of Communication Arts (English and Filipino), Science and Mathematics, Early Childhood Education, Technology and Livelihood Education;
    2. Produce innovative and creative instructional programs or materials that will improve the teaching-learning process;
    3. Conduct relevant researches for the improvement of the teaching-learning process; and
    4. Organize and conduct extension services for the development of the community.

  • The graduates of MPA

    1. Demonstrate skills, knowledge, and managerial capability in public administration;
    2. Exhibit professional competence in public service and excellence in multi-sectorial approach towards sustainable resource-sharing;
    3. Practice dedicated leadership in formulating and implementing relevant public policies for the efficiency and effectiveness of government service; and
    4. Exude sensitivity, honesty, and concern for community welfare and development.

  • The graduates of MAN (Major in Nursing Service Admin)

    1. Develop advanced knowledge and skills in the nursing service through application of nursing theories and principles, research and evidenced-based practice;
    2. Analyze economic policy, environmental, and social forces impact to health care delivery systems and quality of nursing services;
    3. Practice critical thinking about current problems and issues affecting the nursing administration and address health challenges;
    4. Demonstrate analytical skills in leadership, practice, policy analysis, teaching, research, program management and professional communication;
    5. Respect the inherent dignity, worth and individuality of every person in the practice of his/her profession; and
    6. Engage in relevant services for the development of the community.

  • The graduates of MAN (Major in Material and Child Health)

    1. Manifest higher knowledge and specialization on the health care of women, infants, children, adolescents, adults and families;
    2. Respond to newly emerging issues and evidence-based practice in maternal and child health including the unique needs of the diverse communities and cultures;
    3. Demonstrate analytical skills in leadership, practice, policy analysis, teaching,
    4. (improve) research, program management and professional communication;
    5. Utilize competence and social justice concepts, community partnership development, and ethical standards in the maternal and child health practice;
    6. Serve effectively as client partner and advocate within the health care delivery system; and
    7. Create relevant programs for extension services.

  • The graduates of MSCJ

    1. Demonstrate excellence and global competitiveness in the exercise of their profession;
    2. Exhibit responsible leadership and professionalism in practicing Criminology and administering Criminal Justice; and
    3. Contribute to the dynamic transformations and innovations in the field through research-based programs, policies and multi-level collaborations.

  • The graduates of MBA

    1. Demonstrate globally competitive managerial and entrepreneurial skills;
    2. Practice competencies for effective participation in managing teams;
    3. Manifest professional competencies and skills in applying quantitative and qualitative skills in decision-making;
    4. Make distinct contributions to knowledge of administration whether original investigation, review or criticism;
    5. Conduct researches and develop new and better practices in business administration; and
    6. Contribute innovative management models through research and extension activities.

  • The graduates of MS Agriculture

    1. Demonstrate professional expertise in agriculture and other related fields;
    2. Practice collaborative and interdisciplinary application of their expertise to address local and global concerns and issues in agriculture;
    3. Engage in advanced experiential-based research opportunities designed to translate content in coursework to reality; and
    4. Conduct relevant extension services for the development of the community.