IFSU faculty, studes apprised on life-span development issues

The College of Open Distance Education and Transnational Education (CODETE) and Department of Psychology in partnership with the Department of Extension and Training of Ifugao State University, held its three-day virtual webinar series on the Contemporary Concerns in the Life-Span Development on 27-29, January 2021.

The webinar series aims to recognize mental health issues in the spectrum of development amid pandemic. Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Nancy Ann P. Gonzales lauded all organizers, speakers, and participants who attended the webinar via Zoom and Facebook Livestream. “The topics shown in the program illustrates that life is so beautiful indeed. All of the topics are timely, as we need more of these as we adjust and move forward from this pandemic,” remarked Dr. Gonzales.


Meanwhile, Dr. Jeng Jeng M. Bolintao, Dean of CODETE, assured that participants will surely benefit from all the lectures as these will give them a deeper understanding of the numerous pathways humans can take as they grow in the life-span. Prof. Florence N. Bahni, Psychology Faculty at Saint Mary’s University tackled the first of the series entitled, “Am I just Sad or Depressed? Dealing with Postpartum Syndrome.” She focused her topic on women as they undergo Postpartum Depression. Prof. Myra G. Gahid, Founder of “The 100% Attitude Project in Baguio City,” discussed the second of the series entitled, “Who is Gen Z or I Gen?: A Deep Understanding of their Behaviors and Personalities." “Gen Z is known as the Online Generation. They are very sensitive to authentic content. The moment they were born, they were already exposed to which the internet was present. It is the baseline of their upbringing,” reiterated Prof. Gahid. Prof. Juleva J. Saniel of Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School Technology (SPAMAST) in Davao Occidental, discussed the third of the series entitled, “Let’s Play: Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds.” “Parent-Child Relationship is one that nurtures the physical, emotional, and social development of the child,” said Saniel.

On the other hand, the fourth of the series entitled, “Gerontology: Successful Aging and Caring for Elderly Parents,” was expounded by Prof. Ma.Teresa B. Tayaban, Psychology Faculty at Saint Mary’s University. Prof. Tayaban shared components that are important in successful aging; statistical, social, and mental activities; and tips in taking care of the elderly. “Life is not perfect. Instead of looking at those setbacks as some things that would bring us down, think of these as lessons,” said Prof. Ma. Isabel S. Lemen of Ateneo De Davao University as she addressed the 5th of the series entitled, “I Spent Half My Life: Experiencing Midlife Crisis.” // Janine Dawong

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