IFSU holds 1st TVET Graduation Rites

A total of 225 Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) holders of National Certificates on Agricultural Crop Production (ACP), Organic Agricultural Production (OAP) and Caregiving were recognized during the 1st TVET Graduation Ceremony held at the Ifugao State University (IFSU) Heritage Hall on February 17, 2020.

The graduates were trained in different batches at IFSU in partnership with the Technical Education, Skills and Development (TESDA)-Ifugao conducted in 2019. Leadership and Best Trainees in their respective qualifications were awarded to individuals with exemplary performances.

IFSU President Dr. Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon applauded and challenged the TVET graduates to maximize their different qualifications to effect change and development in their communities. “You truly made us and your family proud. Your graduation is not the end-all and be-all of it, rather your graduation and your recognition today is only the beginning of a new and tougher journey as you chart your career and shape your future,” added Dr. Dugyon.

Dr. Dugyon emphasized that the university shall always extend and promote services and skills development that are needed by the Ifugao people. "The graduation, itself, is an example of our commitment as a University to bring our services to our people through partnerships and collaborations."

IFSU has always been an institution that values and recognizes TVET and other skills development since its establishment in 1920 as a Farm School. As IFSU turns 100 this year, the institution commits to expand its extension and training services and opportunities for all sectors and stakeholders.

Forged with strong desire and commitment, IFSU and TESDA-Ifugao continue to strengthen their partnership through the years. In 2014, IFSU with support from TESDA started to offer housekeeping and tour guiding. Agricultural skills development came next. In 2015, IFSU became a Training and Competency and Assessment Center (TCAC) recognized by TESDA. In 2019, IFSU is Regional Kabalikat Awardee as one of the best TESDA Partners under the National Government Agencies Category.

On the other hand, incoming TESDA Ifugao Provincial Director, Diosdado C. Escalante lauded IFSU as a partner in delivering skills development for the different sectors and stakeholders. He emphasized that TESDA caters and offers scholarships to all sectors for TVET programs. He vowed that TESDA will reach out to more clients in the different municipalities of Ifugao.

Responding on behalf of the TVET graduates, Concepcion Maddul, a senior citizen and now a certified Organic Agricultural Production NCII from Lamut, Ifugao, said that age should not be a factor in learning new skills. She added that, “TVET skills provided me my bread and butter. With the learnings and skills I learned since TESDA was then the National Manpower Youth Commission, it helped me to work overseas for almost 25 years. And here I am again learning new skills.”

Also, Maria Nayusan, daycare teacher, and now a certified Agricultural Crop Production NCII from Bocos, Banaue, Ifugao said that her learnings from the training are important in promoting safe and healthy crops for her family and community.

At present, IFSU offers Organic Agriculture Production NCII for 39 days, Caregiving NCII for six months, Agricultural Crops Production Bundled Programs (NCI, II, III) for six months. IFSU is also an Assessment Center for Food Processing. The TVET graduates availed different scholarship package ranging from free training, P5,000.00 book allowance, 160 per day allowance, tool kit, free uniforms, and free skills assessment. 

-Jude C. Baggo


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