IFSU Prof develops calamansi-based soaps

Soaps are indispensable household need. Soap commercials flood the media promising different effects. Unknown to the consumers, chemicals are actually utilized in the production of these soaps.

This situation encouraged the introduction of soap alternatives. According to Dr. Lorna C. Ildefonso, a professor of the College of Business Management at the Ifugao State University (IFSU) Potia Campus, “The potentials in the usage of the gifts of nature are really of great help in producing a soap that has more advantage as compared to the chemically-based ones.”

She added that, “Plants are gifts of nature. The possibilities of extracting the benefits from them are of great help in today’s generation especially in the production of bath soaps.”

The availability of calamansi in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao prompted Dr. Ildenfonso to study and develop calamansi based bath soaps. With the availability and guaranteed literature about the use of fruits and plants such as tomato, cucumber and aloe vera in protecting skin, she decided to use them as the main ingredients.

Among the calamansi-based soaps she developed include: a) Calamatis Soap (Calamansi and Tomato); b) Calapino Soap (Calamansi and Cucumber) and c) Calavera Soap (Calamansi and Aloe Vera).

The soaps were also submitted to the Department of Science and Technology for laboratory testing. The results of the testing found that Calamatis and Calavera have active inhibition to fight Staphylococcus aureus bacteria while Calapino is partially active. The soaps have high acceptability on the different skin effects as to irritation, skin glowing, skin whitening, skin moisturizing and anti-pimple. Additional feedbacks from the users include the following: a) lessens perspiration, b) lessens athletes’ foot, c) stain remover; and d) prevent skin diseases such an-an, allergies, rashes, and heal insect bites.

For more information and purchase of these affordable and tested soaps, these are available at IFSU-Potia Campus, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.#