Education Knows No Boundaries

We are bombarded on social media with students complaining because of many projects, home works, and school activities that they need to comply and finish before the deadlines plus the examinations and quizzes they need to pass.

But Gracelyn Tique is not just a student who needs to accomplish all those but also the student representative of the student body of Ifugao State University. If that is already a huge responsibility, what more are a mother of four. Oh yes, she is a mother and single parent.

Gracelyn is a 3rd year student taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at IFSU Aguinaldo Campus.

When asked, why she run as the University Student Supreme Government President, she simply replied, “Nakikita ko yung need to lead.”

Education has no age. That was what Tique proved, Tique is now 35 years old but still decided to continue education for her children and family.

“Tamang passport to support my kids,” recounting that she needs credentials to land a better job to support her kids.

When asked how she manages her time, she disclosed that everything has a time frame even having conversations with friends.

“…lahat may time kahit pakikipagkwentuhan may time frame, may limit,” said Tique.

“Live by example” is the motto of Tique and probably the reason why she gained the respect of her fellow students and officers. She is after all the Student Representative. Hence, bullying is something Tique has not experienced.

Despite the bumps, Tique had experienced in life, she is still determined to achieve her goal to give a better life for her family.

Tique proves that there’s no such thing as “walang akong time” (no time) or andaming kong ginagawa” (overloaded) if you are committed and determined to surpass all the obstacles in achieving your goals and dreams in life.