It is this time in the university calendar that events are abuzz. The month of September is full packed with students’ College Days activities while October would feature the acme of it all with the Inter Campus Selection and Socio-Cultural Meet. The IFSU Founding Anniversary and Charter Day Celebration overrides the latter though being one of the highlights of all affairs.

The month of September is also significantly the Civil Service Month. This yearly celebration strives a month of each year to embolden the Philippine civil servants in upholding their mandates as well as provide a platform to give a special attention to human resource perspectives and updates.

Over the past years, IFSU has dutifully supported and observed Civil Service commemoration. Already in its 118th year since the civil service system in the Philippines was formally established under Public Law No. 5 in 1900 by the Second Philippine Commission, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) stands on a solid ground.

In its Inventory of Government Human Resource (IGRH) as of August 2017, there are 2,420,892 strong civil servants all over the country. The Cordillera Administrative Region has 62,612 and IFSU has 456, government workers, respectively.

Under our law “The CSC is mandated, among others, “to keep and maintain the bureaucracy-wide human resource (HR) records in the Philippine Civil Service.”

As thus, it has also developed numerous HR initiatives and one of which is the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM).

Work in progress

The PRIME-HRM accreditation under CSC is one of the substantial efforts that IFSU is persistently working on and hopefully will have an af imative result in the next few months.

Commenced and worked-up as a way of enriching HR management and services at IFSU during the term of our former IFSU President Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon, IFSU subjected itself to the CSC, was assessed and able to acquire a Level II PRIME-HRM accreditation in compliance to set of standards in 2013 which was then headed by HR Officer Sandra Irish C. Marquez.

Level II PRIME – HRM is equivalent to a Process Def ned HRM as circumscribed by CSC Excellent Public Service Delivery.

At present, IFSU pursues a re-assessment thru a PRIME-HRM enhanced indicators specif cally on four HR core area of services as such: 1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement Services; 2. Learning and Development; 3. Performance Management System and 4. Rewards and Recognition System.

According to our HR Officer Dominga Lunag, the PRIME-HRM enhanced indicators are now based on global standards, hence, another assessment is essentially pursued under our new University President Dr. Eva Marie Codamon – Dugyon.

As a fraction of an on-going and more rigid process, an ocular visit by the CSC Regional Office was done on October 9, 2018. The assessment of other areas continues.

Pursuit of excellence

Significantly, IFSU Board Secretary Julian B. Nangpuhan successfully hurdled and passed the Career Executive Service (CES) Assessment as Serbisyo Sibil is being esteemed at this month.

Nangpuhan is one fellow in the university who does things in an inaudible manner. Having been part of the staff and mentorship of former UPres Dr. Ngohayon, Nangpuhan as a young Board Secretary in 2017-present has always worked well with composition and tact. Besides a heavily laden work of a Board Secretary V, Nangpuhan successfully passed the 2nd of a four-stage process towards a conferment of Career Executive Service Eligibility (CESE).

Completion of each stage is a pre-requisite to another stage, Nangpuhan will have to go through a Performance Validation after which a CSC Board Interview.

IFSU-HR records reveals that Dr. Ngohayon is the first CESE holder in the university, he was conferred CESE in 2004 subsequent to stern CESE procedures.

Nangpuhan sets also the pace and may become the first CESE holder among his 2nd level rank qualifying towards 3rd level rank thru CESE.

A wisdom we can adhere to – successful people replicate efforts of successful people!

Oath taking

Towards a burgeoning need for servants as IFSU faces a number of needs, IFSU marked a ceremonial Oath of office for newly promoted and new hires of a growing IFSU Family.

Before fellow employees back dropped by a soft morning sunshine that signaled a new morn, the “oath takers” from the all IFSU campuses were presented prior to their pledge administered by UPres Dugyon. Roughly, 50 employees, Faculty and Staff, were hired/rehired and promoted across the 5 IFSU campuses from June 2018.

At every chance we are able to witness an oath taking event, we have personal perspectives running through our minds as we recount the day we took ours.

Sentimental, acknowledgment and reflecting!

Ten years back I took mine. How blessed we are to have been part of an institution growing by the leaps. Nearing a hundred years and looking forward to be part of a 100th year celebration of IFSU comes as a blessing to us all who was once part of it and who are still part of it.

We reap what all our educators, leaders and employees have done to make IFSU be as it is now. Their unremitting spirit and hard work shall persist as new leaders and employees come and go.

Their allegiance must have spurred it all. So then, we should take our oath to heart that it shall be as our predecessors did.

Events or Acontecimiento in Spanish come in worth piece by piece until woven into one unabridged whole, may we all seam our events where in the future become acontecimiento importante.