BEE and BSE Programs undergo Level IV Accreditation

Lamut, Ifugao- The Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education Programs have undergone the Level IV Phase I Accreditation Survey visit by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered College
and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Accreditors last September 24-28 this year.

During the visit, eight accreditors from Northwestern Samar State University, Nueva Vizcaya State University, University of Antique, and University of Eastern Philippines reviewed and appraised the competence of the Education programs as they move towards the realization of being an academic center of excellence.

“The accreditation will ensure the quality of the programs that Ifugao State University officers and will further ensure the level status of the University,” said Dr. Dinah Corazon M. Licyayo, Vice President for Academic Affairs. In the five-day stay of the accreditors, headed by Dr. Socorro O. Bohol, they have identified the strengths and weaknesses of each of the areas of the program and the results shall be submitted to the AACCUP for further review.

“Our team report shall be submitted to AACCUP Incorporated and will be reviewed by a Technical Committee and shall be approved by the AACCUP Board of Director. The result shall be transmitted to the university in 2-3 months from now,” she said.

The areas assessed included the following areas:

Area 1: Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives Area; 2: Faculty Area; 3: Curriculum and Instruction Area; 4: Support to Students, Area; 5: Research Area 6: Extension and Community Involvement; Area 7: Library.

Physical plot and facilities, Laboratories and Administration were also subjected to assessment during the said survey visit.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vivian Dumelod, Dean of College of Education, gave an assurance that they will take note of the comments and recommendations of the accrediting team.

“With the firm support of the administration, we shall continue to work in those areas that need to be improved,” she said.

Also, University President Dr. Eva Marie C. Dugyon said that the University will do better to attain perfection as it will work hard towards academic center of excellence. “We should always work hard and strive harder to be better and continually challenge the status quo. We should not waiver but be inspired by what our accreditors have shared,” she concluded.