“We need to continue challenging the status quo” – President Dugyon

“Within a short period of time, we made progress in our development initiatives for our University,” said Dr. Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon during 100 Days in office program organized by the University on September 12, 2018 held at the Heritage Hall.

For 100 Days in office since she resumed the University Presidency in June 2018, President Dugyon listed some of highlights of accomplishments of her administration. Among these were the crafting of the Five-Year Strategic Development Plan, conduct of stakeholders meeting, institutionalizing transparency and good governance,
strengthening quality instruction, developing strong research leadership and extension services, physical repairs and enhancement of facilities, strengthening international affairs, public information and institutional branding and resource generation.

The University President considered the crafted strategic plan as one of the biggest accomplishment within
the period of 100 days. “We already set the direction of our University to 2026. This is our blueprint that will guide us in putting IFSU as a global university amidst rich cultural heritage,” added Dr. Dugyon.

Dr. Dugyon attributed these accomplishments to the unity, cooperation, interdependence, commitment, and more importantly because of the willingness to take responsibility, which is the extra ingredient that makes taking action more of a natural thing, and that which is making us more proactive.

She further stated that 100 days is so short period of time to put all together our great ideas into solid and concrete
actions. But she acknowledged the setting of proper environment to be able to set the momentum in continuing to work for the development of the University. Lastly, Dr. Dugyon added that, “100 days is not enough. We have still a long road to success. But with our painstaking work, we will achieve our vision, mission, goals and objectives.”#