Study result poses challenges to new admin

Former Ifugao State University President Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon presented the results of his study titled, Initial Stakeholder Perception Survey in Ifugao State University, Philippines, that pose challenges to the new IFSU administration at the onset of the strategic planning workshop held at Highlander Hotel, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya on July 25 to 28, 2018.

The study was an offshoot of the project, “Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education (INNOTAL),” co-funded by Erasmus plus, a European Union program that supports human development.

The study provides an overview of the perception of stakeholders within IFSU’s six campuses on issues relevant to quality and employability of graduates.

Among the issues surveyed is the perceived benefit from developing a more coherent internal strategy for improving graduate’s employability and links with business and industry. The survey was rendered to service providers under management and administration.

Respondents that comprise 37.50% attested that they have started working on the strategy and it would be good to improve it. There were 37.50% of the respondents who maintained that they have no coherent strategy at the time of the study and it would be good to start working on it. Respondents that comprise 25% stated that they can think of some improvements but they mostly need to rely on the government and the responsible public agencies to chart strategic directions.

Dr. Ngohayon hopes that this and other results of the study would be used as reference in crafting the development plan to ensure and improve quality of service. #

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