IFSU faculty presents research in the International Linguistic conference

Ms. Cedra B. Binalet, a faculty from the College of Education, presented her paper titled “English Language Needs of Students: A Focus on Reading Skills” during 12th International Free Linguistics Conference (FLC) held at University Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur on July 10 and 11, 2018.

The conference aims to provide an accessible forum for people working in the area of language sciences to come together and share their diverse perspectives, practices and researches through workshops, talks and presentations.

The latest edition of the conference was co-organized by the UM Faculty of Languages and Linguistics and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in partnership with the Hong Kong-based FLC Group founded by Dr. Ahmar Mahboob from the University of Sydney, Australia.

According to Binalet, FLC Group organizing chair Dr. Stefanie Shamila Pillai said that the underlying spirit of the FLC is to let language experts think about ways to make their work relevant to their communities. Such complex linguistics issues in most communities in the world require thorough research to be done by both academics and language science practitioners.

She also shared that she actively exchanged ideas about language culture with other researchers and professionals from different countries because she was motivated to share what we have here in the Philippines. She was inspired by the message of the Dr. Pillai who said that the conference brings together people with different experiences from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as different language education and linguistic training which encourages multi and interdisciplinary analysis of our work.

There were almost 200 paper and poster presentations by the presenters from 15 countries.

More than 420 English language practitioners, academics, lecturers, teachers and students attended the said conference. # Florida B. Robles

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