IFSU as a global university

The Ifugao State University (IFSU) envisions to be a globally recognized center of excellence amidst cultural heritage by 2026. A vision that will challenge the status quo and raise the profile of the university as an emerging and leading institution that recognizes and responds to the needs of the local and global community.

In achieving this vision, IFSU embarks to upgrade its core functions of instruction, research, extension, and production services to produce a globally competitive, morally upright, socially and culturally responsible graduates.

The University is still considerably young and its full potentials have yet to be developed. Aside from improving its different courses in its six campuses, the new administration also endeavors to develop and strengthen cooperation among local and international partners.

IFSU as the lone Higher Education Institution in Ifugao recognizes the rich cultural heritage of its people. The University believes that putting premium to cultural heritage in the curriculum and to its programs is an important aspect in ensuring the passing on of positive cultural beliefs and practices that build stronger unity and cooperation.

But the path to excellence requires higher and greater collective action from all stakeholders. As always, IFSU leads the way of embracing opportunities and overcoming challenges for the best interest of the University. The history of the University speaks of transformation from a community school to a university and throughout these changes, it has been the unwavering support of stakeholders that made the difference.

A globally recognized center of excellence amidst cultural heritage will be one of the best inheritance that we can pass on to the next generation. The future of a society that is grounded on excellence and defined by character will be a great contribution by the University to our people. We will be assured of a future that speaks of excellence. This will be our legacy as a university.

Let us embrace this vision as our own and have strong faith that with our collective action, our vision will be achieved. Let us enjoin our hands and march in one stride until our vision is achieved. Let us not grow weary and doubt when in the face of difficulties. Instead, let us build and develop an unbreakable unity, as a family and with our stakeholders that will bring us more successes and achievements.

Once again, let us give life to our vision. #

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