How ISCAF Changed My Life- Marites Bumaynin Marero Batch 2000 College of Education

In June 1996, my parents told me to enroll at the Ifugao State of Agriculture and Forestry (ISCAF) against my will. All I wanted was to fail and leave ISCAF, but I never failed even in one subject. Because of this, my parents decided that I will finish my studies at ISCAF.

Let us be honest that ISCAF then was not the favorite destination for high achieving standard and those who can afford to pay their tuition fees. In the late 1990’s and early 2000, a good education is usually associated with going to Baguio or private universities.

It was during my generation that some of my town mates were also convinced to enroll at ISCAF. Modesty aside, we were one of the high achieving students in our school and when I enrolled at ISCAF, I became an inviting factor for other students in my community.

After graduation, I started teaching in a far-flung community of Camandag in our municipality. Nevertheless, I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. But despite being a licensed teacher, it was difficult to have secure a permanent teaching position.

The DepEd policy before of putting much points on the level of school for hiring teachers was one of the dark years for ISCAF education graduates. It was like an ISCAF transcript of record can muster only five (5) while other private universities can have 20 points. It was depressing but life must go on. I went to teach at a private school for eight years before returning again to teach in the public school.

ISCAF despite having a lower level in terms of accreditation was a training ground for teachers like me which was more grounded on realities and humanistic approach in the teaching world. Our college instructors who despite their retirable age became not just my mentors but advisers, friends and best of all, confidante.

Without ISCAF, I did not become a teacher. I am very happy to see the recent developments in the university. I am proud as an alumnus seeing my alma mater soaring and at par with other universities.

Marites Bumaynin Marero is currently a grade 5 teacher at the Asipulo Central School.#

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