A leader shaped by humble beginnings: The Dr. Eva Marie Codamon- Dugyon Story

It was foretold that Dr. Eva Marie Codamon-Dugyon was born with a heart to lead. As a young girl with a sunny personality, she can organize small games for her friends. At school, she excelled academically and in her leadership skills. From a young age, she embraced a principle-driven leadership as a way of life.

She finished her studies with flying colors. She graduated as valedictorian from elementary to high school then as an academic scholar in her journalism degree at the Lyceum of the Philippines University. She was also a Commission on Higher Education and FSDP Scholar during her graduate and post-graduate studies.

Her journey to the university presidency is both historical and source of pride for the alumni. For the first time, an alumni of the old ISCAF High School Laboratory is elected to the top of the IFSU leadership. Her being elected to the university presidency is a testament to the teachings of the old ISCAF High School as an institution that nurtured academic and leadership excellence. Coming back to serve her alma mater despite opportunities elsewhere also speaks of a heart that traces and values her roots.

Starting as clerk under the Department of Interior Local Government-Cordillera Administrative Region, she found her way back to the place where she started and shaped her dreams that someday, she will lead – the Ifugao State University. In 2005, she became the youngest director in the university under the Management Information System. She is a passionate writer, advocates for institutional branding and a dedicated extension worker.

The University President is also an epitome of strong faith and a purpose-driven life. Being born and raised with a God-fearing family, she continues to put God as a source of inspiration and strength in her life. Living out Christ’s teachings, she envisions as a leader that can influence, transform and touch other lives.

As a new president, she emphasized on righteousness, principle-driven, people-centered and phronesis as core paradigm in her leadership. She believes that each individual has potential and special gift. She envision to be prudent in her judgements guided by values and morals. As a leader, she intends to pursue programs, projects and policies for the common good and making moral excellence as a way of leading the university.

Besides being a University President, she is also a daughter, wife and mother. As the only daughter among her siblings, she kept her promise to maintain her father’s name. As a wife and mother, she also assures to spend quality time with her children and husband despite hectic university schedule.

We have dreams to share and the story of our university president reminds us that success when anchored with humility and strong faith can be achieved. #  Judy C. Baggo

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