ASCU-SN Olympics opening speaker gets nods of IFSU employee-athletes

Guest speaker Dr. Ryan C. Guinaran giving his opening speech during the opening program of the ASCU-SN Olympics in Benguet held on July 18-21, 2018.

“If there is one thing that must have changed the world in terms of peace and order, it was not the threat of missiles and nuclear wars but sports diplomacy,”

said Ryan C. Guinaran, guest speaker during the opening program of the Association of State Colleges and Universities – Solid North (ASCU – SN) Olympics.

ASCU – SN Olympics, an annual sports event for employees of the state universities and colleges in Northern Philippines, was hosted by Benguet State University from June 18 – 21, 2018. The Ifugao State University (IFSU) employee athletes and IFSU President Dr. Eva Marie C. Dugyon expressed appreciation to Guinaran’s message that revolved around the event’s theme: “Gaining Skills, Advocating Gender Sensitivity and Developing Ties thru Sports and Wellness”.

Guinaran said gaining skills may not pertain to the fastest and the strongest but the strategies and the teamwork in order to win. On gender sensitivity, Guinaran explained that it is not about sexual orientation but about equally recognizing everyone’s potential and providing the opportunity for self-growth. On developing ties, he said it is about camaraderie that would counter interpersonal conflicts which are the biggest barrier in government institutions.

“I’ve been a consultant for the past fifteen years in government institutions and what weakens the link is relationship barriers. Based on studies, 20% of the office hours are spent on pacifying or on reconciliations. It costs our state universities and colleges a lot of time and money.

Hence, this is the time for us to be more efficient, to develop as a team. We are not here to compete but to complement. We are not here to suppress but to supplement. If you have to compete, compete only in one way and that is to be the best team player,” Guinaran said. IFSU Vice President for Academic Affirs Dr. Nancy Ann P. Gonzales was heard saying the guest speaker was able to capture and sustain the attention of the ASCU – SN participants.

Dr. Ryan Guinaran is a member of the Benguet State University Board of Regent representing the private sector and Consultant for local health governance.

Jeremy M. Gawongna

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