4th SATOYAMA Graduation Ceremony

The Ifugao Satoyama Meister Training Program (ISMTP) –Strengthening Twinning between GIAHS Designated Sites, Ifugao Rice Terraces and Noto’s Satoyama and Satoumi for Sustainable Development is in its 4th Graduation Ceremony held at the Heritage Convention Hall, IFSU Main Campus on March 9, 2018.

The ISMTP is in partnership with the University of the Philippines- Open University, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Kanazawa University of Japan and the Provincial Local Government Unit of Ifugao, Municipal Local Government Units from the identified heritage areas in Ifugao namely: Banaue, Hungduan, Kiangan and Mayoyao.

There were 15 graduates who came from the heritage areas in Ifugao namely:


  1. Rolando H. Addug
    Ø Research Project: Planting Depth and Water Level Management of Hagaga Rice
    Ø Mentor: Ms. Perla L. Elpie
  2. Clarijane C. Guinyang 
    Ø Research Project: Establishment of an Up to Date Agricultural Data in Amganad, Banaue, Ifugao in Support to the Rice Terraces Restoration, Planning, Conservation and Management
    Ø Mentor: Ms. Eulalie D. Dulnuan
  3. William B. Mamanglo
    Ø Research Project: Important Flora in the Bangaan Rice Terraces
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Napoleon K. Taguiling
  4. Dianalyn I. Onnon 
    Ø Research Project: Effect of the Change in Rice Production Calendar in Banaue Ifugao: An Assessment
    Ø Mentor: Mr. Nemie Rex S. Guerzon


  1. Clarence B. Buyuccan
    Ø Research Project: Trainees’ Perception of Rice Farming: The Effects of Adopt A Farm Youth Program (AAFYP)
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Martina B. Labhat
  2. Olmigy B. Hagada
    Ø Research Project: Assessing the Outstanding Universal Value and Geo-Cultural Relevance of the Nagacadan Rice Terraces as GIAHS and UNESCO Declared Site
    Ø Mentor: Mr. Anthony B. Cantes
  3. Jonathan Albert M. Martin
    Ø Research Project: Documentation of Lodah: Construction and Restoration of Rice Terraces
    Ø Mentor: Mr. Anthony B. Cantes
  4. Jobert Allan I. Tobiagon
    Ø Research Project: Status and Distribution of Battikul (Pila Luzonica) in the Municipality of Kiangan, Ifugao
    Ø Mentor: Ms. Christine Dinagtuan


  1. Graceous P. Baniahan
    Ø Research Project: Labor Availability and Water Supply Situation of Bacung Spider Web Rice Terraces: An Assessment
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Napoleon K. Taguiling
  2. Nelson B. Dacawe
    Ø Research Project: Community Museum and Heritage Center as a Conservation and Management Strategy of GIAHS in Hungduan, Ifugao
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Vicky C. Madangeng
  3. Marvelouz C. Daniels
    Ø Research Project: Acceptability of Zip Line Along Hapao- Baang Rice Terraces as a Way to Sustain Cultural Heritage and Grandeur
    Ø Mentor: Ms. Eulalie D. Dulnuan
  4. Regina D. Guimpatan
    Ø Research Project: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage: The Indigenous Stories of Hungduan, Ifugao
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Vicky C. Madangeng


  1. Cassandra C. Chag-a
    Ø Research Project: The Patjay Dance of Upper Bahelna of Mayoyao, Ifugao
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Martina B. Labhat
  2. Nora B. Layaona
    Ø Research Project: Status of Sweet Potato Farming in Palaad, Mayoyao
    Ø Mentor: Dr. Teresita D. Allig
  3. Marlyn M. Naliwan 
    Ø Research Project: Utilization of Roasted Native Rice (Pfu’an) as an Alternative Coffee in Mayoyao
    Ø Mentor: Ms. Christine N. Dinagtuan
         # Florida B. Robles

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