IFSU honors New Criminologists

A Testimonial Program in recognition of IFSU Criminology Licensure Examination Passers was celebrated on January 26, 2018 at the IFSU Heritage Convention Hall.

Sponsored by the College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE), the event underscored the achievement of IFSU Bachelor of Science Criminology Graduates who achieved a high passing percentage over National Passing Rate (NPR) in the December 2017 Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) administered Licensure Examination for Criminologists.

Specifically, IFSU-Lamut Campus examinees achieved a passing rate of 83.97% over NPR of 35.67% to secure the Top 5 Performing School of Criminology in the Philippines.

There were 110 passers out of the 131 examinees.

Meanwhile, a good mark was also achieved by IFSU-Potia Campus examinees with 41 passers out of 62. IFSU-Potia Campus has an over all passing rate of 66.13%.

Both colleges had a simultaneous Testimonial Program in their own campuses.

Guest speaker at IFSU-Main Campus, Dr. Nancy Ann P. Gonzales, Vice President for Academic Affairs,IFSU encouraged the passers to aim for the big thing and not to settle for the ordinary.

She emboldened the passers to seek out what is out of the ordinary while relating the rise of the world celebrated Internet entrepreneur and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

She also related the success story of a working student who once settled with her during his free time and running errands and doing some menial jobs for her just to earn for his education.

Dr. Gonzales said she met him in her recent trip in California and he now holds a lofty position in a big company.

The testimonies of the passers complemented the inspiring story of Dr. Gonzales as each of the the passers who shared their experiences during the program attributed their success to their character and the values they have learned before and during their examination.

Most of the passers said Focus, Determination and Prayers made them outlive the challenges they have undergone during their almost three months of tough preparations.

The program culminated with a Solidarity Dinner among the CCJE Faculty, the passers and BS Criminology students.

# Jill B. Saquing

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