Pre-Service Teachers ready to take off

The College of Education had their 5th Blue Coat Ceremony for the Senior Pre-Service Teachers this morning at the IFSU Heritage Convention Hall with the theme: “Serve… Teach… and Reach Out with Commitment.”

Dr. Alice Y. Brawner, Dean, College of Education gave her opening remarks.

“Today marks the beginning of your role as pre-service teachers… let us make the most of it,” said Dr. Brawner.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mary Lydia M. De Castro, Supervising Instructor and Director of the Socio-Cultural Affairs announced the names of the pre-service teachers with their respective schools assigned to teach.

According to her, there are 78 pre-service teachers: 32 pre-service teachers are Elementary Educators and 46 are Secondary Educators.

The pre-service teachers will be assigned to the different public elementary and high schools plus two private schools in the province.

On the other hand, Dr. Diosdado M. Aquino, Campus Executive Director gave the inspirational message.

“Teaching profession is not an easy one. It takes an undying passion to trudge through gloomy days made worse by brats, unruly students and a lot of the other downsides of being a teacher,” said Dr. Aquino.

But “the most wonderful part of being a teacher is to think that many years down the line, there will be someone, somewhere out there, thinking about how lucky they were to be taught by a teacher as wonderful as yourself, ” added Dr. Aquino.

He also mentioned that, “Behind every successful man and woman, there is an unsung hero – a teacher who silently enjoy tears of happiness when she sees her students succeed.

And “only [the] teachers who are truly passionate about teaching can make students truly passionate about learning,” he added.

Dr. Aquino also mentioned why being a teacher is an exceptional job.

“Your job titles may be Teacher but in reality you are the Architect who shapes humanity’s future. Teachers are the people who dedicate their entire lives for just one cause – helping others build their own. Teachers are torch bearers for mankind, carrying the light of knowledge and passing it from generation to generation.”

“For every student, you are shaping not only their lives, but the lives of their husbands, wives, children, grandchildren and every single person they interact in the future. Just imagine, you have the power to affect so many lives,” he added.

“Teaching is not a service, profession or a job – it is the pillar of the society. Of all human beings, teachers are immortals because their words stay in the minds of their students for the rest of their adult lives,” he continued.

In the end of his message, Dr. Aquino quoted Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

# Florida B. Robles

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