Result of Citizen Satisfaction Rating used by LGU for its Citizen

LGU-Lamut Heads of Departments and Officials listen as IFSU researchers present the result of the CSIS survey.

 A survey on citizen satisfaction was conducted by the Ifugao State University at the Municipality of Lamut, Ifugao and the result was presented to the intended users of the study on November 22, 2017 at the Municipal Livelihood Center of Lamut.

This study aims to gauge the satisfaction of Lamut citizens with the services that the LGU provides to its people as a local government unit using the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) tool from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

This Utilization Conference, arranged by the DILG, was participated by various local officials of the municipality. The conference provided an avenue for the result of the study to be presented to the concerned LGU officials, and then after which, the results were discussed by and among the LGU officials through a Focused Group Discussion, and finally, they were to formulate a Citizen-driven Priority Action Plan (CPAP).

Said conference was facilitated by the DILG officials coming from its national, regional, and local offices. The local officials and department heads of the LGU of Lamut, headed by its Municipal Mayor Atty. Mariano M. Buyagawan, Jr., actively participated during the conference.

The DILG tapped IFSU, earlier this year, as partner in the conduct of this project. Accordingly, Lamut, as recipient of the Seal of Good Local Governance was chosen by the DILG to be among the 30 municipalities in the country to undergo this CSIS study.

This survey, which uses the CSIS tool, validates if the services claimed by the LGU reached the citizens and if they were satisfied with the services delivered to them.

The CSIS is a tool used to gauge the satisfaction of citizens with the various services of the local government. The end-goal of which is to improve their socio-economic condition and advance their appreciation of local political affairs as well as effectively transform them into becoming productive partners for development.

This is based on the concept that since the customers are the users or recipients of the services, they are the best source of information on whether or not the services were delivered accordingly.

IFSU, as partner of the DILG in this project, served as the Local Resource Insitute (LRI) and as such, its main role is to implement the survey strictly adhering to the methodology of the CSIS, prepare the required research reports thereafter, and present in a Utilization Conference the results to the officials of the LGU.

The IFSU Project Management Team for the project is composed of the following members, headed by its President Dr. Serafin L. Ngohayon: Mr. Julian B. Nangpuhan II, Dr. Joyce A. Bodah, Ms. Desiree Gume G. Nangpuhan, and Ms. Nelia Rose T. Buyayawe.

# Dr. Joyce A. Bodah

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