Top IFSU Library Users for August

IFSU Main Campus Library rewarded and gave certificate to students who had the most frequent visits & had the highest borrowed books at the University Library from the month of August during the flag raising ceremony in front of the Administration building on September 18.

The data is from Automated Log in System’s Database (Book Area, Periodicals, Internet, Lounge Area, Client Supply and Audio Visual Room).

The top user/borrower student got a personalized IFSU mug. The second highest received English Dictionary with pronunciation guides. The last highest got a dictionary as their reward.

The University Library reminded students to always log in upon entering in all areas in the library.

Listed below are the names of students with the most frequent visit and with highest borrowed books at the University Library.


Anjelica Halapio Guinomtad – AB Polsci
Gerry Dipia-o Dumangeng – BSHT
Merry Cris Atolmon Tagtagon — BSA


Rhonel Lee Ahuday – BS Psychology
Venus Tuguinay – BS Education
Mea Ann Felwa – BS Criminology

Meanwhile, University Library also recognized and awarded Michelle Jaymalin Dulay, Instructor I for being the top library user for employees. Ms. Dulay received a personalized IFSU mug and a certificate.

Photos are from Dr. Liza M. Tamargo, Director, Library Services #

Florida B. Robles

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Top IFSU Library Users